First Corinthians 13

Fall is upon us and I appreciate this season each year very much. The summer was a scorching and harsh reality for me in 2020. September 20, 2020 a Dramatic Reading of First Corinthians 13 I understand the synergy among the Earth, the Deity, the Human, and Universal Free Will, but I cannot describe itContinue reading “First Corinthians 13”


I’ve said it around here lately: this is the modern day American Bible among a few other choice books. Except in America, it is not Christians being run out of town. They are the modern day, political power junkies gazing at their navels or spouting platitudes in well endowed ministerial bases. Most boring, self-righteous idiotsContinue reading “BERNIE SANDERS Our Revolution”

It’s OK by Jaime O’Neill on Smirking Chimp & ETC damn it lol

It’s OK by Jaime O’Neill September 6, 2020 Revelation Six dramatic reading & testimony by Cara Beaty The reason I put Revelation Six here is not explainable. I went up through that beautiful “wormhole” last night frustrated by politics so I got up early on September 6, 2020, and it is a Sunday. So IContinue reading “It’s OK by Jaime O’Neill on Smirking Chimp & ETC damn it lol”