Short Takes on tRump’s Fake Twitter News 1

Understand please; there is nothing fake news about @MountainSiena and @thegoodgodabove so I suggest you, America, begin to listen to HIM on his patron account. I’ll catch up to Him and you do not want to be unprepared for the unity here, America.

Signing off this blog article to give you time. But it is staying pinned for a while so the world order can get used to the Immortality uncloaking occasionally like this.

Let me be clear. I already uncloaked on Uncovered No More. His address is on this website and I do not add anything to His Voice out of respect, obvious respect.

Everybody better figure that out post haste. I’m tired of hitting delete and I had to do that on one other of my accounts after a full morning’s work because of side-issues in my life that are meaningless to me.

Are you kidding me America? You’ve killed my nine lives as Tribe Judah Elect Gentile. I announced my resurrection on another blog, and the One Person Who needs to know understands a sixth blog is about to appear. The Bible will be shown first. Then I’m headed to the Koran or as my copies spell it: Quran.

Have a nice death, babes. I can assure you there are those who still keep the Book of the Dead the Egyptians spearheaded literally. We are among you and we are the Originals. You go watch the shows and see what you can learn. I’m busy.

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