Franklin Graham can Shut the Fuck Up

Franklin Graham fumes over SCOTUS ruling: My rights to fire LGBTQ people ‘are the freedoms our nation was founded on’ by David Badash from Raw Story

LOLOLOLOL literally ya’ll when I realized the most esteemed Mr. Bad—Ash wrote the article you don’t get this type humor often. Well I mean you get it if you’re author Cara Beaty but that’s a whole mother blog article and I am saying.

Gah I want to change that to “WHOLE ‘NOTHER” because you know, America, I hit delete before I hit publish anywhere all the time way more than anything else on the internet. Ya!! Spell check didn’t capitalize internet that time. Or this one. Cool!!

Just read the article. @StPeterGateKeep brought it to my fucked up attention a few days ago and I bea like why the living heaven has @Franklin_Graham not gone up yet? Is he even saved?

I don’t think he is saved. I kid you not my Daddy used to say that. I’m serious. So was Dad. I fear for the life of Franklin Graham releasing that shit. Game Over.

Moving on to a fifth blog. It’s going to be called fay tales dot wordpress dot com or some such. I got coloring and books of GRIMM’S plus others to read and do #freehandart about. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Lookie here:

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