Black Lives Matter

Where is it in this country so-called America, and the United States, that so many of us know we should not be dealing with police brutality yet several recent deaths of our black brothers and sisters scream at us we are indeed dealing with police brutality?

Why is it we are hearing discussions of how all lives matter, when the whole historical point is WE KNOW THAT, look at what is happening, Bitch, #BLACKLIVESMATTER

I got put into twit jail on one account for calling a Fox News Liar what he is: a murderer. Tucker Carlson is a murderer reporting for murderers, and Fox News is a big little problem of lying and disinformation that people who are still in a fog of illegality, not thinking for themselves, so therefore are listening to murderous, root policy making voices of lying and illegality…..SHIT!

They never enter into the discussions which demand civility and agreement from all corners, not just Republican, dictator quarters.

Sure I was pro-life until I realized that movement is simply a political one to control women’s bodies. We didn’t even get the vote before black males got the vote and we were not slaves, but we were women. GOD is not dead; GOD is neither female and male.

I have the vote now with my black-skin sister @ninaturner. We are voting blue Democrat all the way and we are all here with a voice, we are not going away.

Too many Baptists in this damn country. Did you hear what is happening to Jerry Falwell, Junior? Go look it up. Kids are gettin’ rowdy over there, that’s good!! Do not be rowdy and riot (peaceful protest is powerful; rioting is tacking into the brutality of the police department). Be peaceful and let our great leaders Barack and Michelle Obama, Harriet Tubman, and Martin Luther Junior and Coretta Scott King be the VOICE through the election!!

We have white-skin, great leaders. Guess what? I’m one of them. Born of white poor folk, with a powerful life testimony despite my voice being drowned out, and a spiritualist who can walk into any American Church and be a sign of peace on earth goodwill to humankind with the King of kings in flesh (He is just kidding) any day, week or month, I am privilieged to write articles of agreement with others who must stay cloaked. DeFund Republicans by Voting Blue?

So go ahead and keep ignoring the Real Voice Unified. We got time on our side, you don’t with all your racism, sexism, and ugly control. For all the messages of militarized police and rioting, there are equally messages of me going into a church and bowing a knee during worship with my black brotherhood during a certain football season while at least one Nike shoe was burned on public media and now photo after photo of whole police units with citizen counterparts bowing knees.

You choose whom this day you will serve. Jesus Christ is King of kings and we are bowing the knees everywhere and defending even the riot bands and brutal police web of cruelty to have full justice.

Put their asses in jail, the brutal police, and make it a speedy trial. These people are on video!!! It does not take much to figure out who wants the riot band to stay under illegal control and who wants them to have a place to live, a living wage to earn equitably, and ways to buy their food while getting health care and education for the whole family more holistically every passing day.

Do these murderers not read @realdonaldtrump’s twitter feed? He calls for rioting, loves a good murder scene, and demands to kill, steal, and destroy from the Americans whose backs are bleeding in the hot sun from so many low wage, sunk life song, people.



#CastingCrownsTheAltarAndTheDoor #CaraAnnBeaty

Silence is not an option by Mehgan Markle

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