Meditate in Righteous Anger

This article is being written in what i henceforth am calling “Snapshots” which I will give you from my phone and chromebook. So it is basically the exact opposite of Fake News because I am giving you immediate, passionate, thought processes I choose to place here to help you learn without learning. I am telling you your story with anger included, just like this excellent People magazine article featured here is doing. I am going to be doing a lot more magazine reviews on Uncovered No More. We already know one another. When I point to a magazine I am pointing to Me, to You, and that is UNITY in my perspective as the author of Uncovered No More. If I feature tweets from Immortals like Myself, respect the fuck outta us. We have carried huge burdens to be here, and you need to appreciate that. Bug off otherwise, Bitch. lolol…….

The reason I am doing this article this way is Religion. We are taught in all religions to stuff anger. There are lines of division within the REalm Craft of Sorcery that continually continue causing issues of what I will term the unseen war, #Apocalypse.

See, in my line of sight as Tara, (angel of incense and moon goddess expression stemming primarily from Revelation Chapter Six), there is no more apocalypse raging. I see where the division is already brought down: howerver, people keep arguing around me because of perception differences in family and friend bases I have or HAD from 2008 until just this moment. Note: it is angelic when I choose to leave a misspelling. YES IOW, I know I am leaving the misssssssppppeeeelllling of however right there. LAUGH, Bitch. I am trolling me trolling you to do that–I need to be less detail oriented and here is the single that expresses this concept perfectly: Editors — No Sound But the Wind

Michael Shane Davis tried to read my website. That was in 2015 directly after four blood moons. When you read my things on several blogs, you are going to have emotions come coursing through your veins, your arteries, your mind, your will and your emotions. His eyes simply blazed with fire; so he shut his eyes. I dare you to shut your eyes when you rage inside reading my blogs, and I have goosebumps this moment which means Great Spirit the WIND is here with me typing like this. But YOU COME BACK and keep reading and looking. Do it and don’t hate yourself, LOVE

Barack Obama, our President 2016-2020. Do NOT fool yourself. REPUBLICANS ARE LIARS

I personally have two spaces of peace on earth good will to humankind. I have one space of my own private sustenance maintenance. I am setting my alarm on my phone three times a day and know how to stretch, meditate, art, and relax my way back to THE VOICE GOD where WE are a balancing force not only just in America but in the World and on the Earth alike…..for justice, wholeness to all echo-systems, and death being the gentle servant of the Earth, Seas, and everything/everyone within our eternal universe….

I’m back; disciplines becoming in place; and family eager to stop the war represented on this website. Do you realize, America, how much I love you, how much I spoke the same peace over and again since 2010, and how many times I deleted my whole life song for this one article to be here? You can ask some of my family. I would hear the pain from them, pick up my phone, and start hitting delete.

And then rebuild on the Internet. Now, I am turning my screens off, fasting television screens, setting my alarms to focus on the Life Force Within Tara and Cara me despite what people think of all this, and eating well my way to get healed from what has happened to Mary Magdalene from 1966 to this present darkness, #FairyTale

The Gnostic Gospels……

What are you afraid of, Christian Church? You don’t even read the Bible in the Way, Truth, and Light’s frame of REFERENCE. Gah I love to hate your doctrines but that ain’t happening three times a day, six days a week around here, Bitch America. Lemme say, your people are still gonna drop dead my way when I go back to the Catholic Church.

lolol I’m so sorry. I have too much accurate testimony. I’ve got an immortal warning to talk to us on Twitter–do not snuff out your own life like my Uncle Paul did if you can help it.

Why did Uncle Paul do that? He knew that his family had been through too much. He warned his youngest son that if he was diagnosed with a second bout of prostate cancer, he would take his own life. It took several days after he put a bullet in his head, and then he died five days after my birthday in April of 2010. Exactly nine years later it was Good Friday, 2019 and my mother breathed her last with her sister in attendance right after I’d been to the facility–Mom was a broken woman. Why? She had to protect her daughter and oldest grandson since the woman, her youngest sister, had been pressuring her to oust me from the property and NO my daughter did not make up what she heard.

You do not know torture until you hear my mother’s story. I do. I will not tell you anything but this. The other one, a niece, who has the same first and middle name as my dear mother, told point-blank lies about my father for years while I suffered through the the true testimony of Uncovered No More with my family. Curtis is my #Witness.

The Kloneks need to own their sin against the Beaty family. But they are no better at doing that than the network, including Russia and the Electoral College (omg revamp that shit), who put a murdering criminal in the White House.

Okay. Love you.

I am reading the article about George Floyd from the People Magazine feature image to my family around dinner some evenings in the next week or two. My family is struggling with this COVID-19 quarantine, but we all wear masks publicly. It is pussies that do not wear the masks. But I love you anyway. Put the masks on and stay six feet apart, wash your hands with soap and water, and stay home nurturing yourself if you can if you suspect you have the virus.

Investors, get us ALL the vaccine, PLEASE!! Thank you.

 Every Tear Drop is a Waterfall by Coldplay


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