Dorling Kindersly SCIENCE YEAR BY YEAR

Hold Up I’ve got opinions as I begin this book and you can be damned sure I am not trusting this book to any of that driven, very white supremacist drivel, that I received in all my school experiences that had history within them. And my teach one year said, as we both laughed, Cara you are a disgrace. That’s because I could memorize literally ANything and make a good grade but knew that was drivel and promptly forgot that shit. (Smile) It is also because I am seriously for real directionally disadvantaged. Geography? #GFY to me lol.

For all I know on any given day, Russia is in South America. I’m kidding, but only just barely and I am well on my way to being never again educable by the current system. Ya’ll are idiots in all of your universal educational glory until you give it away and all teachers, principles, janitors, and school personnel are paid well and the children are fed well in all sorts of ways etc.

Now you know why kids are zoning out on classes like history, and now you know why it is criminal to feed them drugs to sit in your damnable chairs and take rote tests on things that should be a lesson of wholeness where we embrace all of history together, teacher and class alike. History should have NO TESTS. It should be a lifelong discussion, with audio books and documentaries IN ClASS!! READ the damn newspaper!!!! GOD this is obvious.

Dorling Kindersly tells TRUTH so why is not this the text in every SCHOOL nationwide for Sixth Grade? Stop testing our children in History. Read with them, read with them. Let me go ask your 12 year old: would you rather color a great inventor brown or short term memorize facts for a billion years so you can pass a fucking test?

Game School Prison OVER Bitch.

And yes, ya’ll. I’m art-ing the book I will read to Robert Edward, also watching appropriate movies in sync with this history year, before I get three of us to engage History a new way for a year before I decide what to do after having PTSD issues the likes of which the world system of America is not worthy I suffered it. Edward is a great and righteous, 12 year old, Jesus Christ little king.

He is older than Donald Trump right when I pushed that exactly 11 pound baby out. Why I didn’t use epidural for nine of the ten deliveries is a stupid thing in my life. Oh well. Stupid cures, lemme say. Lol.

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