A Draw is a Draw

I can remember being pulled out of the religion of Christianity for about 25 years. Yes, it took that long. Judge me, and you are something I don’t like to talk about because you are bound and determined to pull everyone apart except yourself. Go to therapy.

I was not allowed so many things in the Christian world. But there was a beauty I will not deny, and my family can tack back to that easy enough and I am grateful for those memories even though it was harrowing to follow so many rules and on the surface feel like no father accepts imperfections in nice people.

But I know better now and I always puzzled the part of the book of Acts where the burgeoning betrayers of Jesus Christ (a gal Friday can have those too, BTW) began to metamorphosize into apostles. They drew lots. Which, in my scant knowledge, meant that they had three sticks.

Whoever drew the longest won. That may or may not have been what they did, but then I began to read the book, “The Book of Runes” by Ralph H. Blume and then I was swept away in literal spiritual ecstasy because not only did I have the Bible I had these stones and it came natural.

I’ve been tired. It’s been 12 years. But all of that aside, I didn’t think I should move over this quickly to experiencing Tarot. For God’s sake, I didn’t even know how to pronounce it and leave the final “t” off, my son had to tell me and he is always careful because he knows.

What does he know? He knows that he inherited my property. That’s a flesh reality I do not actually acknowledge and I think it bugs my kids but that’s their business not mine; however, they will catch up to their own intelligence one day and realize they need to get a grip. But at the moment, I never ask him why he didn’t give it back.

Anyway….he told me how to pronounce Tarot. And about a week before that little conversation of ours, I found a fairy tale deck. And so I began to draw them, as I color fairy tales still, and I realized they come as natural a learning experience to me as Rune Stones, and I hope anyone can imagine how fun that is to a body who, well, I’m not going to talk about that. Why? The common quip the past four years which I’m still getting is, don’t talk about the past….

Babies, it don’t work that way. You cannot heal today without talking about that past until it is rectified in your future. They’ll learn that too but not on my time, on theirs. Moving on….

So as you can see, I am also reading Leo Louis Martello’s “Reading the Tarot” and it is a fascinating book. I want people of all types to understand that if you fear God, good. Drawing lots is in Acts. Atheist? Shuffle a deck and play with friends.

If you do not fear God, you will never experience the fun. You might be able to connect through Earth Worship or sexuality, to be sure, but those are lesser spiritual avenues I must admit. You should be joyful that a Pagan Christian is telling you of these avenues.

Why would a white trash female tell you that? I tell you that because I love you, whomever you are. And I want you to understand safe avenues to get in touch with your spirit life and your soul life, laugh, smile, focus to work on issues in your life, and begin to hear GOD.

This ONE of WHOM I speak has no sexuality. Has no home. Is unseen by many who deny even their own spirituality. But GOD is GOD and no matter what, the love is there, the hate is there, and then the love that never fails is there again.

I hope I encourage witches, Christians, Muslims (other religions too), Sorcerers, and Sorceresses tonight to tell you as a simple Spiritualist that indeed, a draw is a draw. It doesn’t matter if it is Runes or Tarot Cards, there is a story to tell, a smile to be had, and a focus point to improve today.

This was my second draw to realize some fun. It was on a day I wanted some dear people to be together and we cannot be together at the moment because….because that is what happened to us and we are strong in love. We are going to weave it back TOGETHER all glory to GOD and in Jesus Christ’s Name, amen.

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