I’m a Betting Woman @benshapiro

And I bet if you try hard enough you can change your rhetoric but ahh how sad. You will lose your voice and not so much be wrong as be someone who values ideals above actual, suffering people.


I need to tell you something, World System. Jesus Christ the King of kings is roaming the Earth Core like Lucifer and Satan and etc. supposedly did through Cain, but that’s a Night Mare, isn’t it?

I’m just kidding. How funny of me to be joking about something so serious. Why would I do that? Because I’m a Pagan and I’m tired of being thought of as a Witch that Salem can still social media and otherwise “burn at the stake”. Whatever. I don’t care anymore. Believe what you like, fuck yourself, and have a good day.

Try from Rune Stones, Music, and Me

I will not go to the Catholic Church and become one. I’m making a statement of import that I am not going to explain. There is a shift in my life coming forth; it isn’t anyone’s business but mine, and if I state something like I will go to the classes, it is an act of hope for the future accompanied by initiative of cleansing prayer. The following blog article is the manifestation as it concerns my life.

I have been saved from a situation by the removal of my spiritual side from the situation. Do I feel abused? Yes. I am working on changing that mindset because it is not of Christ.

It is not wrong either. It simply is. It was. It will not be. My perspective is gorgeous and evolving. It always takes time to acclimate to a new condition. Hark the Herald Angels sing more than America would ever want to hear with the current population stats as it concerns the Earth, the world system, and the monetary controls upon general population.

#Phoenix 11:44 PMC

It is 4:21 AMC, and I am going back to sleep for a while. I have been removed from Gethsemane. Now, I will never go home and I help Him, not Them, carry the Fire. It is an honor, a privilege, and a forever Inner Room ministry. The Inner Room by John Michael Talbot

I dwell with John Michael Talbot. He is a proponent in the Catholic Church of effective ways to serve GOD in a devoted and much more safe fashion because that is how he lives. 

I read something two days ago but I have not investigated: the Catholic Church may be going out of business, at least to a degree. I hope funds remain to truly help people, and I hope that for the Protestant structures as well. 



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