Worldwide Vow Guardian

You’ve carried their hatred too long; no more blocking from Me. Judge me, America. I stand both exonerrated and fully defended forever amen.

Kill a sparrow? You forget the child being raped this very moment. 🤬

The pain has been, IS too great; however, as I drove and drove all I could hear was they do not want to leave The Presence.

And I say, and I am heard, it is forever dwell. No more leaving and running. I see the Sea of Infusion.

I am weary of perceived perfection rejecting perceived imperfection and perceived imperfection railing at perceived perfection; money dwells abhorrently here.

He is the Ox in my Midst, He is not Tribe Judah, and Christians will remove yourselves from my life henceforth. You’ve forced my hand entirely too much. Goodbye except where King of kings and He need my presence as a human being. I am strong enough for that and nothing more.

5/10/2030 As I drove home from D/FW, I passed a fatal accident scene first shortly after getting on the highway. A van decided to swerve a lot instead of slamming into me. Another wreck farther down was reality also.

War around me needs to stop. My People I declare the peacemakers.

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