@almightygod quotes Ecclesiastes 9:4-7

And I finished a #MEGAMUNDEN the next morning. Watch Out. Judah is revived once again.

No Love by feat. Lil Wayne by Eminem #InterActiveSongList 6:30 AMC 5/9/2020

You Won’t Relent & ALL CONSUMING Fire by Misty Edwards

This was begun in my home, witnessed in prayer by JT, #freehandart at Streams Ministries International. What is more I witness to the Tribe Judah completion in this place according the Lord’s Prayer.

But it hurts. I will not deny my soul pain for the privilege of this testimony.

It is true I happen to be coloring this at the same time and have not hidden it; nor has He the calling into repentance Christian Church. Listen to Him. (5•21•2020)

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