Patrick Clayton Beaty is an Author 2

One day I set out on a voyage;

This voyage would take the rest of my life;

Its destiny was the throne of the Almighty.

I was on a certain ship,

And as it traveled through the terrors of the sea,

I became afraid for mine own well-being.

For I saw that only the strong and sturdy would survive.


Even so, once I saw a great storm,

Its darkness engulfed s,

Huge hailstones beat on the hull sides,

And lightning hit us till we were sure to sink.

But then I saw a grave and noble captain,

And in his eyes was wisdom,

And in his mouth was instruction unto life.


Even so, did the captain bring safe the ship,

And he defied the wiles of the evil storm.

But I was yet sorely afraid.


Even so, again did a second calamity befall us,

For there was a great and monstrous whale of the sea,

And his tail did beat against our ship,

And his mouth did encompass our sails,

And we were to be destroyed and strewn about.

But I saw a grave and noble captain,

And on his face was anger mixed with concise judgement,

And in his heavy arms was wrath.

Therefore he raved about the ship,

Thus giving commands here and there, left and right.

And the ship did prevail in the fight,

And the whale had no authority over it,

Even as it never had authority over the captain from the beginning.

But I was yet foolishly afraid.


Even so, a third time did a calamity befall us,

For a huge quaking and rocking of the earth did come from the sea bottom,

And seawater did come up and crack our masts,

And it drenched our sails,

But in the midst of those waves I saw a grave and noble captain.


And greatest of all his qualities;

His body was consumed by integrity

And love to the Almighty and his shipmates.

Therefore, he felt a responsibility and rather than fleeing off course, he went directly into those waves, and the power of the Almighty did bring us through and the waves were to none avail.

But I was yet selfishly afraid.

But however, even as I was in mine bed pondering on the captain,

The spirit of the Almighty did rise up from within. And he said: “Don’t you see the strength from within the man?

Don’t you see the problems he has overcome?

Don’t you see the futility and feebleness of those in comfortable and cozy islands or countries?

That they could never face that which your ship and captain has faced?

Don’t you see that the captain has brought you this far, and you have only been afraid for yourself? Don’t you see that only the strong and sturdy will survive?

And don’t you see therefore that you must become like unto him?”


Then my sin was laid heavy upon me, and I did weep and repent of my selfishness.

Therefore, the next day I told the captain that I would live only for his purposes, and that I was exposed solely to his command, and that I would be his servant and know his will inall that I did,

For that I saw the Almighty one with him.

Therefore even now, I am constantly at his right hand. And in the midst of calamity I do not go below the deck.

But I am at his calling, and we go headlong into every sotrm or wind, monstrous whale and quaking wave.

My captain and I at his right hand.

Dad, you are my captain.

By Patrick Beaty

Oh GOD I skated and do skate upon the oceans of which Brothers and I labor. LUVGOD, THEY keep the Little Sister!! #TribeJudahElect #CaraBeaty is rent in three is rent in four is rent in six, and seven even!!! The Ocean Depths must give up my LIVING!!!!


So Will I (100 Billion Times) HillSong UNITED


Oh GOD has removed Little Sister from the Congregation for it is filthy rich and JUDAH is undone for Little Sister cannot worship cannot trust the filth and the Whip of Jesus is to no avail the ears are stopped up! Are stopped up! Are stopped up!!

For I told them John Paul’s Prophecy must be turned back as my living DIE left and right; right and left. I told them GOD!!! Now we KNOW!!! Patrick Clayton Beaty and John Paul Jackson prophesied the SAME STORM and Little Sister is undone; She is undone. What have you done to me, LUVS? #Rizpah

John Paul Jackson’s Perfect Storm


The Double Moons Prayer Initiative

Eara Abigail: why do I have to be the first president?

Cara looked at her daughter. She wrote the prayer. And now, we begin again. You cannot be raptured because you didn’t listen. We keep writing, we keep speaking, and you simply destroy those of us VOICE who tell you truth upon truth upon truth. 

Mary & John Davis-Beaty

Eara Davis and Robert Hilton Beaty

Robert Hilton Jr & Virginia Beaty

Robert & Esther Naomi Jackson

This list is too long….my LUV trails are so glorious across time and then eternity.

We are here; we are here; we are here and they never listen but we are here. 

Two Men; I was and am privileged to live with Them and Others, but it is shrouded in mystery. And while I’m reading about Tarot, I do not know if I will use them; however, I am already using Runes like as if I never wasn’t using them and both crafts are historically similar which fascinates me.

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