Texas, DAmn!! COVID-19 Reality

Official Music Video Sounds of Silence by Disturbed

Time to get real. Watch the fucking video. Do you see the piano? That is my oldest son’s musical side. Religion and Capitalism took out my life song in several of my children. We are putting it back and he will play again. I have forseen it.

As to Mr. Tinker, do you NOT understand why I would put the feature image there? I deleted three rivers. I deleted 144000rivers. I ain’t deleting carabeaty dot blog. You get blood and guts over there particularly when you ass hats keep breaking the six foot rule when I need to go to Walmart.

What the living fuck. Work at home, Bitch Texas. My oldest child has already prophesied in my house last night that it’s gonna be shut down in Texas by fall with the State going at it like this.

I wonder why my daughter, not on Twitter, easily prophesies what Mr. Tinker is saying this morning and they don’t know each other? I wonder why my son cannot play me music yet so that I can heal, so that he can heal, so that WE can heal? I wonder a lot of things. TARA justly walks the ‘hood at night and sings:

Adele’s Hello

In the meantime, keep the six foot rule, keep wearing face masks, and wash those hands. In addition to these items, if you have to go to a building to work against your will, sanitize everything coming and going. That’s gonna be a lot of bleach wipes and gloves. Try to keep your skin off the hard surfaces and the bleach wipes and drink a lot of water. Drink a lot of water and take some vitamins. Try to cut down on sugars and junk food. Eat a baked potato and piece of chicken or bowl of beans if you can each night; eat some rice. Rice cookers are cheap. Eat fruit and veggies—anybody can down a baby bag of baby carrots and/or an apple a day.

Go for a walk at night. Feel the breeze. Wear your mask, don’t be ashamed and let’s keep moving. Those who pack guns into Walmart….what the living fuck. Those who gather, break the six foot rule, refuse to wear masks, and say that they are taking my freedom away when they quarantine me carefully for my own good let me tell you something:

People around me know one thing: laws are for the lawless. Constraint in my freedom of both speech and actions is my free will. Go read my Rune Draw last night. Game over. Game over.

7:44 AMC blog article complete. Delete? Hell no. You go delete your arrogant use of the Constitution, the Bible, the Quaran, and everything else like money, time, and freedom of speech when it is either useless or wicked.

Judge yourself for yourself and stop this insanity. People around me by and large are a law unto themselves. But we get these idiots around us. And we love them too, I’m not saying we don’t. Still, grow up already and stop trying to live in realities we loved the general population out of worldwide gradually across time to this point called 2020.

Elementary, my dear. Move along better than THIS, Texas.

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