Can We Think “Path of Least Resistance” ?

Those of you who want to jump on the current bandwagon of dissing Joe Biden, you are not in reality. We cannot change how men have treated women in the past in this presidential election.

Truth is, Bernie Sanders was more pure in the realm of relational issues publicly and privately. He is not going to be elected. He is too progressive.

 BERNIE SANDERS Our Revolution Part Two #NotMeUs

So I am calling your vow, Blue America. You told US that you would vote blue no matter who. Shut up and just do it. Otherwise, you are getting ignored by the real people. I’m a Real People and I’m not just that. I’m trying to remain kind. But it is obvious the path of least resistance to get to the progressive Voice of Bernie Sanders and people like @ninaturner is to Vote Blue. We are not proposing that this is for anything but one election cycle.

Heaven forbid that I try to lead the powerful horses to the drinking water. But guess what? Cara Coffey does what she does and you cannot tell me to do anything different. 

Get over yourselves, America. Shit Fall needs to STOP. 

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