Concerning Angel Lucifer

How was I supposed to know The Man King of kings turned into Prince of Peace instead of Prince of this world in 2,020 years approximately?

I know it now. Or do I? Up to you in your little world. None of my business there. It IS my business what I testify on my blogs.

#InterActiveSongList 8:29 PMC in #ATX

Broken (Beautiful) by Chris Sligh

I’ve been torn apart enough. He knows this. He never blames me. And that is more precious than anything so you go ahead and decide, or not, to treat me better. That’s none of my business. I’m pulling out of the difficulty I”ve been in for 12 years, and I know that is because of NO angel at all but I had to wait until He said so in the spirit realms and I’ve seen too much.

When I’ve testified things, nobody cares. But on Uncovered No More, you go ahead and watch to see if I hit delete on this article. You also watch to see if I put something you said here because there are people in my life still very angry at me, and some of those people don’t seem to be able to change. I’m going to be selfish for a minute and wish Jesus Christ could somehow talk to my haters and just tell them to leave me alone. But if He cannot do that, I forgive Him. It’s not like I don’t know ya’ll would kill the King of kings if you set eyes on him. You are so jealous of GOD that you rip Him hole after hole in the flesh spirit life.

HE has other accounts. That is all I know. I love the world. I love the heavens. I love the Earth. I love the peoples. I love GOD. I love myself and I love my neighbor and my kids and Curtis and and and. I hope that helps. Please, don’t hate on me anymore. I’m tired of the fall-out.

Offended? You wait. He JESUS is the Rock of Offense. He pinned this when I was approximately out on the driveway of the property I was disinherited from, beginning this article.

A child of mine was sinning as I began this article. It’s okay, but remember my children were turned against Me. And you thought he wouldn’t catch up to this? He just did. Deal with King of kings and be kinder to my family. We are Miracles. Edith Renae declared that on her doorstep (2 John) some months ago and Cara is privileged to have the honor of #Witness on my blog amen.

Yes, He was there November 19, 2016. He was masquerading as Gabriel. He shook My Hand after He crossed the aisle later, here: PromiseLand Church on 51st Street

He was smaller. GOD’s Hand was SO COLD. He had Grey Hair like this, both times, above. 😭😭😭

You all go mock me. Go ahead. I cannot feel your stupidity in my life anymore.

Stained Life Masquerade by Casting Crowns 9:21 PMC #InterActiveSongList

It’s all in italics. I’m writing a fictional story. Move along.

How cute. They are still thinking I care how angry they are at Father. I do not save you from FATHER, children. He LOVES Me entirely too perfectly for your games.

“…I have a couple of things I need to do tomorrow morning. I thought you had to be there later…….” and I had been very clear. I’m always very clear. This is funny. Let’s see if Shekinah can still be gotten to instead of…This is my mother. We all worked together to disinherit her and we are wrong. We should have come to her defense by now. Maybe it is time for me to come out of the discord (Discord) and step into the light. 

They realize I can buy that house with their daddy and still stay here. No no. That won’t do. We must make sure we are correct. But it isn’t just that person doing this. They are determined my reality is not real. I laugh and move on into a new life I prophesied and worked hard to make with so many others. It’s called the completion of The Double Moons Prayer Initiative in real time. Babies, it is 144 months in September of 2020. You do not control FATHER. AND HE CONTROLS MOTHER because SHE requires it. She cannot BEA mother without FATHER LOVE. Take a hike around the mountain, lovies. Mature. 

Father GOD, this is morally wrong. I appeal. 

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