I don’t know when Texas is going to stop thinking I’m just pretend. But you go ahead and keep my ministry in the clouds in your head. What you will no longer do is misuse me.

They all think, in those buildings, that I am going to come back in; that I am required to come back in. Jesus Christ is fairly clear in the New Testament that that is not the case. Go in church buildings, be murdered in spirit life and flesh life is the course of performance.

I deleted an article yesterday. I’m going to clear my own conSCIENCE about that article and say Jesus Christ King of kings is the best feminist I know. He is removing me from the dross of what happened to my golden form, and She is named TARA.

I am The Sorceress. As such, I will never step foot in another church building of any sort unless IRL He steps foot in with me, but that will be two people that are flesh and blood mystery, and in that case I will be Cara who knew all along and even wrote it in allegory in such a way that I should have been received by the Christian Community across all nations and church buildings as Mary Magdalene. You didn’t know me; you do not know the Father. You certainly will never see the Son.

Good, but at least you understand where He stands with you. You should notice today that I deleted two blogs and two Twitter. Now nobody can pull me apart anymore.


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