Concerning How I’m sick of it all

You’ve run me ragged, world system and America. Here is a thing: love. It is the first commandment with Father and then myself and neighbor. Thus far, I’ve lost everything and most everyone just like Jesus Christ King of kings and even angels have given me an IRL run for my life. I entertained them out the wahzoo just like Apostle Paul says. They are some sort of something else. That’s all I know. But I will not deny that they are different than mortal people. So YOU go figure that out and maybe let me know what you have learned as long as you listen to me too.

I’m done done.

A small part of oh the deep deep love of Jesus…..

I can sing, color, clean bathrooms, and be a person of authority. But and I can do other things, too. Isn’t that nice? I can remember me. Can you remember you after alot of political wandering in the desert the past, oh I dunno, many years?

I can remember. I hope you can too. here comes a song list of mine. Love you!!

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