Concerning Bob Mumford’s Agape Road

I can no longer write speak or live from the perspective of this property. What I have stated I now declare finished.

I do not waste my time. I do not know many people IRL who can say that.

Him/Her about Agape Road by Bob Mumford and DEITY expression by Cara Beaty

If you have any questions, I have made various avenues for you to ask me.

God bless America.

Why the feature image? It is because I understand enough about both Bob Mumford and Leo M. To say I do not give one flying fuck what you think about me, America. I’m going to say God Bless America anyway. These two would have incessantly argued with each other. So I’m just saying. Nobody ever stops until they die. Think about it.

And leave Cara Beaty-Coffey the fuck alone if you think at all when you are privileged to be with me face to face. I desire your fellowship. Always have always will. Take that to the bank and cash it, Bitch.

What is more, I’m going to get these two guys together in the heavenlies. It isn’t long before Mumford breathes his last. He is going to hear Leo. Leo has already heard Dad. So when the other Robert of my life goes up, Judy and I will be better understood by three guys. I’m more inclined, to be clear, to agree with Leo. So is Jesus Christ.

That’s why on my other website, this Nation is getting his book’s review and none other in this situation. I’m tired of Spiritualists and Intellectualists arguing. That is a freaking understatement.

And the only way to fight this time-trapped issue is to get in there, be Brave, and set this record straight to answer the Lord’s Prayer.

Oh you cain’t do that Cara. Shut up. You have no idea what I can and cannot do on this Earth. That is obvious as the day is long. Let me tell the World System of America what I told Curtis last night so the Coffey family can get used to it: Give Me My Property BACK. Most of you haven’t thought about Dad and Uncle Paul up there. You will face them AND Jesus Christ. You will not have free will at that point but I can see the guilty conSCience of this shit all over the place.

Refugee Middle Class Mother Cara

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