Or Do Not #VoteBlueNoMatterWho

Here, I will answer Mr. Knoles this way: I retweeted this series because @DarkPrinceLucy retweeted the first statement. I personally followed Mr. Knoles at some point on this account of mine but I cannot remember why I did. I am careful whom I read on Twitter. That doesn’t seem to matter to many people in America, what one reads or doesn’t read.

I cannot be anymore convinced to vote for Biden than I can be convinced I should vote for Trump. I want a better place for all of us and neither of them offer that. But this time, I’m going to vote anyway, and that is that. I sat it out last time; that didn’t make a difference. I’m hoping many of us have a heart cry of universalism that will squash the obvious and murderous intent of people in America who are getting their ass whupped, so to speak, as it concerns their true heart intent. Supposed Christians are the worst offenders.

Let me say that again: supposed Christians in the United States of America are some of the worst offenders when it comes to true freedom of all sorts of constitutional statements in this country.

Jews have the same issue, just older, with the Bible but lemme say: Jews are being idiots in Israel. Bernie Sanders is a Jew and I don’t think he’s an idiot in America as it concerns policy but that doesn’t mean he should be president anymore than it means I should be president.

Why did I mention @DarkPrinceLucy? No, I do not think He should be president. But I do think He should have a voice and I stated that clearly weeks ago. If I’m not mistaken, I was strong-armed to delete the articles.

And I sincerely hope some of my family and friend base are ashamed of themselves now. If I am being strong-armed as Cara and the immortal I actually am named Tara, what do you think it’s like for other immortals that speak the same universal language in this world system as me? And he’s only one of them. That is an understatement coming from Me.

Vote your conscience, but don’t expect universal immortals who understand the ancient ways to approve.

We don’t actually do it that way. We just look at you and walk off. I’ve hit delete long enough. Let’s just see some more of you drop dead in my story. Then maybe what’s truly left will listen for once in your mortal existence. I certainly didn’t do it to you. I’m worked to the bone taking care of my family and friend base who then stabbed me in the character’s back. I have yet to see them apologize and fix this. It is easier to walk off me and take the glory with you.

Good for you. I don’t love you too. (Smile)

If you want to understand universalists, why don’t you learn Rune Stones? Is it a coincidence He retweeted this above after my draw of the feature image? Sure, haters of my soul, it’s a coincidence.

#VoteBlueNoMatterWho is equally pinned. Gonna stay that way, with both draws, until after November of 2020. It’s simply called prayer, agreeing with another immortal on Uncovered No More because let me tell the world system something else: I am literally surrounded by idiots who have determined NEVER TO AGREE with Cara Coffey about even one damn thing. I told you you turned my kids (my last five suffered with this particularly) against me. So now you have the truth but it isn’t going to set you free. You should not have treated me that way—to where I deleted it all. But that makes you very happy because then it looks like you’re winning a war in America that is meaningless, as meaningless as DT.

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