No Sound But the Wind by Editors #InterActiveSongList

When He says shut My Eyes, I bury Them in His Shoulder. 

This blog article is pure mystery. Don’t stumble LUVS. I never did but I have picked up so many of you in America that I cannot do it anymore. So I will allow sleeping dogs lie. I will allow sleeping dogs to lie. 

I wondered Who He was in that Vision….Who picked Me up and carried Me out of Hell. Now I know and it is none of the World System’s business. I have been “Jesus Christ” to many waters of allegory. And the point is my LUVS need to realize when they are “Jesus Christ” to take the burden OFF SAVIOR’S SHOULDERS. When you heal Thyself, Doctor, the healing will flow as the River of Oil it is according to Revelation 22. 

No Sound But the Wind by Editors

#MEGAMUNDED is here with Me. So you will get the artwork of the first of His books I colored. That is my point in I Deleted Coloring Books. I must understand Cara Beaty-Coffey and I must color to do that. So when I feel that side of my journey is ready, you may view it. I give away LUV, had you not figured out that much, America?

If you are the right people you will understand this next, brave picture:

……I shouldn’t type in italics tonight but I will to protect the innocent. Aunt Lee, Mom, Dad, me, and Patrick standing there takes me back to simpler times when we were simply helping our Beaty kin die in peace.

Nothing else has been peaceful to the two people in that picture named Robert Hilton Beaty, Junior and Cara Ann Beaty his daughter. And that is the only church service that is worth anything to me anymore. At least it was the last time Patrick Clayton Beaty and I were in a church together before all of them betrayed us. All of them hate us.

Patrick never hated me a day in his life. I think we know now Who Else never hated me a day in my life, and that is an Angel, nothing more or less. I think we need to admit now that Jesus Christ King of kings is on the Earth and He wants to be with His People. That will be #TribeJudah. Patrick, John Paul, Me, Michael Shane, and some others He knows are Tribe Judah. And guess Who Else? Lucifer.

I”m Gabriella here. The male counterpart can go be who he is supposed to be with his people. I have a whole biblically 1/3 Army and Tribe Judah with Me. I have my whole family. The rest of you can be what you are in the New Jerusalem. Thank you for your part. You are welcome.

Good night.


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