Judas Iscariot

Judas by Lady Gaga

Not that I ever imagined I would write the perspective of this article. First of all, they all say they never lie. And this is 2020. You go figure out how complicated that perception is, I never lie.

Anyway, Judas Iscariot is forever condemned by all Christian Doctrine, but even Jesus said that he had his purpose. The other disciples, approaching apostleship in Acts, simply allowed him “to go to his place”.

In this day and age, it is less believed in Christian circles that you burn forever in hell to commit suicide. I have a question: is Donald Trump a Judas Iscariot?

No, actually. I give that pig shit no compliments. He is the worse of men on this planet today.

Robert Paul Beaty was and is “Judas Iscariot” in my Jesus Story. He built my house that I was disinherited from. Judas Iscariot would have had nothing to do with that disinheritance in my case, lemme tell you. Uncle Paul was misunderstood all his life and chose suicide for honest, righteous reasons. He is resting in peace. He gave me a house and I’m only a niece. Nobody has decided to give it back. And Christianity would judge the people who took my inheritance as Judas Iscariot. Nope, That’s an honor in my story. They do not get it.

People who commit suicide burn in hell to Catholics and Protestants, and they do it forever. No person does that forever but Hitler is still in torment. His time isn’t finished. Go think about THAT and maybe mature a little in your life or go ahead, keep ignoring spirituality. It’s fine. That’s called Laodicean. It is why I got thrown out of churches, lol, because, well, I’ll not say anything more.

It is obvious Judas Iscariot in some ways was trying to help His Lord. He betrayed Him knowing what, pray tell? Knowing that Jesus Christ COULD pull out.

But the Lamb of God was not supposed to do that and was obedient to the point of death on the cross as many of us in the modern day are.

So now you know: suicide has its reasons. That does not mean you should do it. My websites are full of ideas to study and meditate and love yourself. Why do I color? I love. And someday, I’m going to share my art with just the right person. Not today, but someday. Maybe it’ll be a misunderstood, Judas Iscariot type.

Being a son or daughter of perdition (I’m one; I’ve betrayed Christianity but so has Jesus Christ in the modern day and all you have to do is go read Revelation 1-3 and 12-13 to understand this concept) is a hard job. Chavda said the job was finished when My Job had only just begun.

Fuck it all, I’m tired. Good night.

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