Good Friday 2020 Four

Rapture Three

Tomorrow is Good Friday. My mother died that day last year but it was on the 19th of April, and the brother of my father Who built our houses with Dad died nine years before Mom exactly on that day, but I don’t think it was Good Friday then either, in 2010.

You know what? I’ve got a lot of those testimonies. And there is a part of me exhausted from telling everyone else’s story, whether positive or negative on my websites, and then having them walk off and not care one whit for my life.

But I care tonight. My mother did not betray me though I shared it that way on my blog for this last year and I am not sorry for how I mourned what she and I lost. I am thankful that as my mourning matures, I see the truth of perspective she had which renders tonight’s understanding that Mom protected 12 people. She knew that WE are more important than these two houses.

And I pounded the wall upstairs last week and said that, that we are most important. Dad, Mom, my brother Patrick, and I live that way, lived that way. I am UNASHAMED.

I hope you can get here. Unashamed and knowing you keep doing the best you can is a good feeling.

Now on to Rune Stones. You know what? Dad and Mom would have struggled with this new life of mine. I am thankful they are resting in peace.

Our world is universal more now than it was, and Americans need to mature. Bernie Sanders did the correct thing and stepped down. If you idiots who are ripping this country apart because your political opinions are more important than me and the person beside me struggling to pay bills, keep at this shit and vote for Trump, you are wicked like him unless you are a person led around by power and politics and honestly cannot help it.

But you CAN help your vote. Vote Blue this time; trust us who are saying we need to because we’re citizens too and we don’t want to see you suffer or our children suffer or our own selves suffer. It’s really simple.

Me ‘n Tadashi are chillin’ this Good Friday. If we go out, it may be for a drive. Are we fixing special food? Why would I do that, ya’ll? Jesus is here. I’ve entertained angels too, like the Apostle Paul. Why celebrate Good Friday and weep in Gethsemane when I can weep for so much more relevant people and places today.

Jesus Christ is indeed relevant. But He is finished with celebrating that way. He wants to celebrate my mother with me; and that’s a fact. Let’s not treat Jesus Christ as the Lead Balloon of history’s love that we tend to commercially do each year.

The Coronavirus Pandemic is a litmus test. Re-establish routines, and stay home to do it this year. Don’t look back, Babe. Love ya!!

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