Raptured Three

This testimony of mine has been told numerous times, and since it is completely obvious at this point, I must tell it one more time.

As shown below, I took my home school family through a prayer initiative for the United States in 2013 that was finished around the time I equally wrote a world and time-wide prayer initiative also pictured below.

Franklin Graham of Billy Graham ministries went state to state right before the election and prayed for this nation, you know, in unity with the lady in Austin that everybody thought would get along with Trump. That’s hilarious.

Grumpy Graham is obviously in full support of Donald Trump. Their agendas are normal: anti-abortion, anti-anyone-not-heterosexual or Christian—and White mostly. Or, you could be brown or black as long as you agreed vehemently with the white skin philosophy, money, and capitalistic belief systems.

Lo and Behold Cara Coffey was betrayed. That is not my president, and I even wrote briefly who I would have voted for last time and then after the primaries, stayed home like everyone is doing now because of the coronavirus. Well, that is, most of us are staying home unless we happen to be *spit on the ground* “Christians claiming the blood of the Lamb” and going to church “by faith” instead of staying home. Hi there Jerry Falwell, Junior, Idiot Supreme with Kenneth Copeland!

One or two of my old buddies in testimony are pro-Trumpola. Rick Joyner being primary, there is also Bobby Conner but I don’t know about his politics. I know he supports Franklin Graham, and that Dude kept being bro to Bob Jones whose rods I told Conner publicly to stop supporting. I’m the one who bought the standard poodle and named him spontaneously Valentine. Jones, as in Bob Jones, died on Valentine’s Day right after that, 2014.

My point here is My People are Here Now. The rest of you, well, hello in the good-bye sort of way. I’m gone to you; I’m testifying Heaven on Earth to My People, and that includes the King of kings so I don’t know where that leaves you all but it is most certainly my business. I’m not updating this website anytime soon. I know, oh how I know, to leave the rest to GOD.

This is how some of us feel over here but Coronavirus is complicating the sentiment. Yes it is Divine Appointment how She colored them Brown. That’s why the picture is here. I told you and told you I don’t have a racist bone in my body so don’t think my family does either. Good night my daddy would haunt me if I say anything else and I’m too tired to be haunted right now……..#JoyfullHalloween2020 because I ain’t showing for Easter or Resurrection Sunday, I ain’t coloring eggs, and I ain’t fixing ham.

I do not care. Neither does the Jesus Christ Jesus Christ I’m pretty sure. Not that I’m reading His Brain, it’s just that I’m secure in the knowledge of Jesus Christ in the testimony of Uncovered No More according to Isaiah 61 and 14, BTW, and I am glad I can say that it makes perfect sense since it is 20/20, not the show the YEAR amen.

Run on sentences are a thang. You got a thang this night. Have a good sleep. I’m sure going to do that.

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