Age of Information, Doxology One

SOS from the Kids – (Official Music Video)

Thank you so much @Frank_Schaeffer, for the Single above which is featured on your blog.

Remember, please My Loves, that I’m the kid too. That you’ve changed my life story and you don’t care. Some of you were protecting me. Some of you were not.

Well I have fixed it today. Please see the Doxology article from and be joyful, cautious with this coronavirus, and in love with US as we save the kids. The Earth is saving us, is it not?

Zeitgeist by Faun

Do you have any questions? Arguing is out of question zones in my life. Do it, I either walk off or put your name over on 1966 Daily Thoughts but you have to be above age 30.

They crucified Jesus at 33. You touch my daughter Edith Renae with verbal abuse or circumstantial circumstances ever again, and your true story will go here, names changed to protect YOU, the guilty. I’m just “doing” my first volume of testimony again.

Let ME ask a question. How many Americans read my first book? Send your honesty to my website email: To be clear, John Paul Jackson and Scott Evelyn wouldn’t have needed to email me. I knew they read it. America killed my LUVS. (Revelation 22)

If you went to church Palm Sunday you Broke Moral Law

Well That Ain’t Too Deep from 1966 Daily Thoughts #RuneStones #NordicPagan

It is going to be wonderful, Children. There is no more Waiting to See for You and Me. You know who you are; you know your name. We don’t need bright lights and ugly fame. 😘💚

Alan Walker Interlude from Different World #InterActiveSongList

Now This Tweet @nowthisnews

I don’t even know how to categorize anymore sometimes. It’s all so big. 😂✌️I’m praying for all of us and staying isolated as much as possible. I hope you are resting wherever you are. We need it.

And I Don’t Want That Life for Me, Either by Cara Beaty

It Is Time 1966; BOTANIC Pocket Book of Coloring Two

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