#VoteBlue #Biden2020

Mr. Twinkie openly admits Immortality on Twitter. So I’d suggest you fuck off if any of my previous acquaintance in Protestant Stupid Existence 1966 to and straight on through 2020 wants to deny me and my testimony AGAIN.

I have a video for this article that I will put up tonight or tomorrow. I shot it at Circle C Park. That is a well known heavenly door causeway so I may as well admit it. Don’t fuck with me. I know where the doors are and you have to be uppermost level in this thing called the Apocalypse to call something like that. You think you know what heavenly doors are? Shut up. Sit down. #VoteBlue.

So I discerned the deal with this statement above on 3/29/2020, threw more Rune Stones, and exhausted myself because America is that unrighteous.

Anyway, Sanders should have given over to Biden. He did the same thing with Hillary Clinton. He cannot win but his book is very good; it’s something that needs saying. I hope he continues in the Senate.

You know what? I’m going to delete the video and not place it here. I’ve given too much to America, so I’m glad I can read a book to help me stop giving of myself. You’ve taken everything but Voice, and my bills are paid. I am thankful like I always am.

I am removing the book by Bernie Sanders and closing shop politically. You, America, fight Immortals time and again though we tell you who you should vote for and why.

I am going to release a safety for Rune Stones: if you are like me and need to testify and use them while releasing this on blogs to encourage both yourself and other people in their self journey of spirituality, do not draw Stones on a daily basis in the morning.

I will now tell you why. They are powerful. I actually reached eternal perspective and it is pinned on my Daily Thoughts blog. I will leave it there for however long I must keep up blog testimony and Twitter. That is not up to Me actually. But at least now I know Whose are the Pagan RoundTable deciding this sort of thing. I told the world some months ago: we don’t need you. We speak in Spirit Life Language as spiritualists.

If you use the Runes as I am using them, almost daily or when I can tell there is interference and negative thoughts in my soul life and spirit life, and then post it like I do, drawing them in the morning gives you trouble because you must fall down again. It is better to meditate and hear the word of the Rune Stones to us in the evening. May our dreams be sweet as we commune in universalism as spiritualists.

Believe on Jesus Christ. Mansions are much more prepared and that continues. Don’t be a Christian. They are full of themselves and false doctrine. Amen.

Do you see my friend in the Feature Image? That was such a blessed little event yesterday as I snapped pictures in Dad’s front yard.

I remember a day in 2016 right before Dad was raptured February 3, 2016, that I wheeled his chair to the front door. There were flowers early in the far field by the road for some reason. He closed the door. I was so sad. I miss him so. And his wife’s family betrayed him so deeply there are no words for the miracle I continue to be because so many people hid so much from me. I am a miracle. I hope you see the miracle you are, too.

I am sorry this coronavirus is so vicious. But I hope we can all learn the lessons of this solitude we need to continue to keep for a long term maturation of us as the American People. All of a sudden, I see a lot of people realizing that time is not to be wasted. We are moving back to reading, to writing, to living quietly. And I think our souls are thirsty for better balance, don’t you?

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