Let US Fire (crying smile) FaceBook, Ben Shapiro, and Kenneth Copeland 2

SO Let Us Define Real Fake News ToDAY 1

One of these days I’m gonna learn how to GIF. I get looks looked at Me lemme say—would be GIF purrrfect.

In the meantime I suggest we delete our FaceBook and take it to Instagram. Guess what I got today? Dr. Leo Louis Martello’s Psychic Blackmail came in the mail for me.

It will help. But I’m going to be honest. He doesn’t hold a candle to…….(smile). Have a nice RIP Leo. I saw your eyes in a picture in my book THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF WITCHES & WITCHCRAFT by Rosemary Ellen Guiley. Your arrogance is both understandable and not something I will condone. But that is not to say that the reading of a book won’t confirm what I’ve already learned. However, you can no more discount the Bible than the Deity can, and to do so is to denigrate the very real suffering of about 40 authors in 66 books. 

Been there, done that, and seen the consequences of going against the Good Book, too. Kenneth Copeland is misusing the book. The book was misused on a dead man named Leo Louis Martello and I am sorry for that. But he lived a distinctly honorable life. Jesus Christ the King of kings no matter which age He continues to prepare mansions within never is received well.

I can tell you Who Else isn’t received well both Male and Female. Naw, I’ll save that for when you see it with your eyes either wide open or shut in your rapture to the other side. Ain’t nothing like finishing up exorcism work on the earth. As my mother said to me IRL as I brought her home to care for her for a year before she died on Good Friday, 2019, exactly nine years from when Robert Paul Beaty who built my house and Dad’s house died, Cara, don’t call me back down. 

She actually said that to me, like I’m in control of how I have to fix it according to the book of Jude on the Earth for Tribe Judah & remnant in Austin, Texas. I’d like to ask Mahesh Chavda a god-damned question: which fucking job was I finished with pray tell? Because you wouldn’t pray for me December 1, 2017, and that’s all the information you gave me. WHICH JOB DUDE?

I’m living testimony that we gotta keep testifying until I see the whites of the Good Lord 1966’s Eyes–that’s actually a past sentiment; and, that’s none of America’s business now. I asked forgiveness of two people and got verbally abused on this property AGAIN for when I misinterpreted what masquerades were played out in front of my life and testimony for 12 years. Then I spent $81.18 3/30/2020 on another black and white backpack like I had before and wore it out. When you see me with that one, well, I’m with THE TATTOO COLORING BOOK’s MEGAMUNDEN and……(smile). 

I continue to have the scars to prove all my testimony because all people would have rather done was stay in my first published work which by now, we are even outside the third book for the most part. That’s why this is Uncovered No More Four. 




If you think it is a coincidence that I fire FaceBook and delete my account last night only to have an idiot in chief mumbling about his high FaceBook ratings a little later, I suggest you go stuff your head in the trash can with the stinky Depends he wears. Have a nice moment of honesty, okay?

Happy Birthday Month to me. I’m mourning the deaths of the gorgeous people while the federal government sees fit to not allow Obamacare sign up. We can’t even get Biden to vote in #MedicareForAll as the Democratic candidate most likely to get the nomination.

The real people want #MedicareForAll. If you don’t, you aren’t real. You’re a fake American. It’s that simple. You enjoy the suffering of other people.

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