Aggression in the United States

Please note the power on my phone and the time I screen shot this tweet if you’re interested in saving yourself because I can assure the world system Mr. Twinkie and Ms. Beaty are not going to do it. He can DM me if he disagrees.

I’ve already apologized to him once in DM. So #GFY Twitter and @realDonaldTrump.

First John 1:9 is not happening properly since April 14, 1966 so Mr. Twinkie, being in his 40’s, may not know what I’m talking about when I say Christians have NO IDEA how to repent for cleansing as the Good Book says and Christ! Evangelicals elected pig shit in 2016.

I wanted to vote for Bernie Sanders then and I want to vote for him now. The Electoral College, being the Electoral College, doesn’t match the popular vote and I don’t care. I’m going to vote blue no matter who but my blog is going to give america hell if you don’t put Bernie Sanders on that Democratic ticket. 

I’m the lady who had her 3 books and whole publisher destroyed in January of 2017 while pig shit Donald Trump was illegally elected. As Mr. Twinkie is teaching us today, he is not only passive aggressive, he’s raped women and done things like had sex with a porn star during and after the birth of his son who is a teen now like some of my kids who lost their jobs because of the coronavirus. 

Those of my kids who are adult need that $2,000 a month. So you may stuff your political opinions where the sun don’t shine because I know aggression when I see it and so does Mr. Twinkie.

We have an entire Republican Party and Evangelical System that are AGGRESSIVE to a MURDEROUS DEGREE. It’s probably about 144,000 degrees HOT IN HELL right here (Revelation 7, 14)

It was Michael Shane Davis who admitted to me that he couldn’t read this website blog, the other one, because his eyes literally burned when he read it. I have a witness on that score so don’t argue with Me, Bitch.

We, Michael Shane and Moi, are both Tribe Judah Gentile, so there you have it. We are elect. Go look THAT up in the Good Book. I can guarantee you Mr. Twinkie already knows what that means because he wouldn’t be calling himself Jesus unless he’s one of them–and he has no intention of profiting off of the name on Twitter because I sack those who do that with the name Jesus on Twitter.

That’s because, oh everybody already knows this so why am I repeating it what do you want me to do get it printed on a Tee and wear it in Austin?.….That’s because I block those impostors and I’m an exorcist. I know how to deal with this shit. 

You don’t. #GFY and watch Harry Potter #4 if you want to see what we all do as exorcists. Go on, Baptist, I dare you. OTHERWISE #GFY. Masturbation isn’t a sin, Baptists. GOD I’m sick of Baptists. 

I’m sick of Republicans, pig shit, Donald Trump the pig shit, Mike Pence and that wifey-dookie Karen of his, and a good many other peeps. Yeah Yeah, they won’t apologize to me so when I name them or even think of them I’m throwing them into retention. Good on ya, Bitches and Bastards. 

And by the Way, if Bernie Sanders doesn’t make it into the White House this time, America just crucified Jesus Christ again, and it is MAGA, QAnon, Republicans, Evangelicals, White Supremacists, anyone who votes for Trump2020, racists, sexists, rapists, murderers, Catholic Priests, and Protestant Betrayers who are gonna burn for it on Earth as it is in heaven. 

You don’t throw Me out of your church or masquerade with me in the church Austin Oaks, Life Austin, and Austin Cathedral without consequences. And you definitely don’t misuse the name Davis like Cheryl Davis is doing (Revelation 2 you are not a new name gal Jezebel Cheryl) and Cara be okay with you, this blog article, and a good many other things going the fuck on in Austin, Texas today.

Cheryl, I have witnesses who KNOW you have lost people for that church. They will not come back because of you. My people whom I ministered to left peaceably. But one of them is a Witness, informed me in DM on Instagram, and is my true friend and family. That one is not in this country so you cannot hurt my witness. 

Get to repenting. I’m not wasting my time on my blog anymore. Fuck off ya’ll. 

Now do you know what reverse psychology is, America? Yeah I know how to type aggressively. Fix it. Please me, bless me, pay me for my time and effort for 12 years, and I’ll think about not being razor sharp accurate on this blog. 

River by Bishop Briggs

I wonder if My Spider lives here? Who Cara?

I never knew. America denied me to the destruction of my life story. My Guys have a responsibility to point out aggression so Women don’t get hurt more. Any questions?

Are they your guardian angels? No no. They are not. Few know Who that is, and He left the Earth in the year 2000. You killed Him America.

Oh dear. It’s because sports cars are faster. I’m gonna have to color this out for storytelling but in the meantime Jesus Christ 1966, did I find Famine?

FEBRUARY 27, 2020 A Golden Wood With Horses, a Cardinal, and Isaiah

Fuck it all Jesus they have overworked me so much I Cain’t finish this article. Maybe next time I stay up until 3:33. (March 23, 2020)

Okay America, the article I wrote is going to be shown to people. It is private on my website and will be added to. See here’s the deal. I’m the only administrator of my website. If I don’t access it on my accounts, you cannot see it.

You fucked hell and stole my last $60,000. You’ve never paid me. Wait til I show that article to my true Guardian. But how funny. He’s in heaven. He can see anything the hell he wants but he’s a gentle man. And I gave him permission. It’s on my websites. Can you find it?

Where’s Walter?

Where’s Jesus Christ BC?

Mom thought it was Judas Iscariot when I showed her this approximation of the Savior as I cared for her her last year.

Here she is with Me before she died. Yeah the Klonek’s don’t want me to tell the story of when I sang. Mom died on Good Friday 2019; however, was it good for me? No. It wasn’t. So shut up America. Just shut up forever. I’ll take the story from here. Hellelujah.

My Mama is happy.

Recie Edward Saunders 3, you are not happy. That is in the Name of Jesus Christ King of kings amen.

Recie is Hispanic. I Am of the Spanish DNA of Great GrandFather Who is the Seed of My Grandmama Soledad. Now witness Spain’s pain and mine:

Yes Loves, my eyes are wet from tears. (2:32 PM)

Get the fuck over yourselves world system. My People die all day and night and you Party our death away.

Okay I think we are finished with this today.

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