Freeze the Church Catholic & Protestant

Stop tithing.

Curtis and I stopped The Religious Duty several years ago but you know. We live in Austin, Texas and spent well over $100,000 before that decision and the only One Who didn’t back stab Us on the Way out is…..nine people. Dad did not back stab us.

Who are they literally? Well, Dad is the first one who built our house with Robert Paul Beaty, they are One. One by Bee Gees and don’t go all homosexual gross on me. Dad and his brothers had to pull Uncle Paul away from a place in Their young years because a police officer made a homosexual pass upon Uncle Paul and he chose not to kill that dude with that one punch. Angels aren’t homosexual. Deal with that FemiNazis and etc. Elect are not homosexual. Deal, again, World System. We love you and spend time getting you where you are from the Bible Record. I’m not saying homosexuality is sin. Homosexuality is actually better. Think about it. Rape is a penis going into a child’s vagina or a male/female sticking fingers into the openings of a child’s body against their free will. You go think about the sin of rape and don’t do it, okay?

Did women get offended at my “rape” definition? You had your childhood stolen from you if a man hit or raped you. I’m giving you healing when I state the definition like that. The law should be clear. If a penis went into a vagina no matter what age and both parties clearly and legally were not over the age of 18 and consenting, the dude needs humane castration because he over-sexualizes everything and he needs to go to jail forever until he is assisted to die quietly.

Get those jailed into jobs like clearing our roadways of trash and don’t let prisoners hurt other prisoners, ya’ll. That’s sick. 

Bill & Sue Hart; Darren & Jennifer Shaw (@theChavdas are One with Us here); Art & Michele Collard; and Jerry & Laura Clark. 

I’m going to the one Protestant church that didn’t back stab Us (Austin Cathedral; it has been Church on the Rock and Cathedral of Praise as well).

I have one Catholic Church where I’m registered; it’s on Convict Hill Road (LOL). Damn, Bitch America, you don’t know My Immortal story there and my feet hurt.


Gospel for Asia is literally the only place I will give after I finish getting out of hellish testimony. Sorry if y’all go out of business; not sorry.

If you are going to give, give to who and what is helping communities. So I’m not telling you not to tithe either. Right now, we tithe back into a large family called Beaty-Coffey.

Curtis and I have been betrayed. So we are buying a house in Manor since the CHURCH turned our family in on ourselves. I’ve been telling you that on this damn website for years.

So fuck off America. Moving on. BTW I hate right wing watch and Kenneth Copeland in this loving story.

Yeah I can do that as a Pagan-Christian but I don’t know many people who can. That’s called Tribe-Judah Elect ministry. Been at it almost 54 years.

Haha April 14, 2020 is gonna be a blast.

Happy Birthday to me.

As for the current, fucking shit-show, can it and walk the fuck off, Bitch. They haven’t paid taxes in years and their pastors and priests hurt your kids. Stop the insanity and support those like me who invest in kids, you, me, and normal living that is safe and happy.

I want my $100,000 back from churches. Lucifer, got any ideas? #Allegory #WorldSystem

Fire by Faun from #InterActiveSongList last night as I walked my neighborhood. Two of my young people drove out of the neighborhood in my car and His, and I waved. You, World System, are privileged with a snapshot of an evening flower off the entrance street in the feature image of this article of our lives. In #Allegory, We called Red Dragons up from Hell. You have no control of Us or my gorgeous allegory. Deal with it America. Putting Kenneth Copeland on the air ain’t dealing with it.

Now let me show you the tweet I said with this dragon, Bitch: You murdered My Son. 

#Witness: @thegoodgodabove so go subscribe and pay money, Bitch. The God Show is a podcast I’d like to have time to patron and do free hand artwork with.

If America hasn’t noticed everyone is working together against my free will to make sure I never have time for my author life. I don’t think some people like Lucifer and Michael are too happy about that but go ask them, that body form.

Don’t @ me or email me. They already know me and I don’t want to know your story, America. I’ve got enough of mine to keep up with DUH. I need another cup of coffee I swear to GOD I’m tired of America and it’s only 11:00 AM today. 

I was writing this article across 8:44 AM today because @StPeterGateKeep informed me with that fucked up video. I’d already called out @700Club on @Twitter last night. Surprise! #Universalism exists even on Twitter.


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