Why #TGIF?

Why #TGIF?

Coronavirus is Teaching America

Just this morning (8:33 AMCE 3/14/2020), I awoke and checked Twitter as I mumbled my priorities today to #10. We are going to go see some bluebonnets by golly. Yes, yes I know the bathrooms need to be cleaned and I couldn’t buy toilet paper at Costco or HEB by last night–what this important item has to do with coronavirus is beyond my scope of imagination except sarcastically and I’m not going there this very moment--and @peterdaou tweeted my horrific thoughts yesterday as I looked around at all the people over-reacting around me and underreacting in the White House and Congress. 

There are still my beautiful comrades in cages and ICE is full of ghouls. 

Fuck this Nation and their priorities. OH MY GOD. 

I prayed for the Millennial and Gen Z population on YouTube yesterday as I walked the ‘hood. I’m praying today as I clean bathrooms, finish putting laundry away, and going to see bluebonnets with my son. The point is simple. Money.

And priorities with varying perspectives which give you, hey YOU, GIVE YOU THE PRIVILEGE OF A CHOICE TODAY.

I guess. No wait a minute. I KNOW what my job is on my websites, on YouTube, in artwork, and in my daily life concerning how I teach those who will listen around me. When I can trust you, you teach me. I have a few people around me who I trust in America. So Bingo, Baby. We are having a bang up time. 

Now fuck it all if I can manage to understand why the inane little tune Count your blessings name them one by one is going through my head I’ll be all set to go this weekend. Dad, shut up. (LOLOL) 

He be like I ain’t reminding that kid to sing The Joy of the Lord is my Strength. She will go pitch an egg at a tree instead of eating it. Wasteful bitch. 

Beaty dialogue in my head is something. Don’t judge me. I hear Coffeys too much so just be happy the Beaty in me is remembering to dance like the hippie I am. If you can’t have a little fun with your spiritual side with me even though you hate my spiritual side, whomever you are dealing with me, that’s your problem not mine. 

Own it, think about kids in cages and the stupidity of the Republicans right now, and stop justifying an impeached idiot who is a sham. OH my goodness just stop. There ain’t no justifying that ghoul. 

Bluebonnets and free hand art. That’s the ticket for today. 

The feature image is a chair from a beautiful wicker set. Mom used the couch to the set in her kitchen. My family had better get really positive and thankful around me because you know the chasm of memories from the last almost 12 years that I must steadfastly ignore as millennial and gen z individuals still struggle with me. You don’t want me to testify from the proper Protestant or Catholic, Republican slant what the fuck actually just happened to Me.

You’ve got as much work to do to encourage Me and nurture my three youngest children as the Democrats have getting the proper legislation forced through at the moment. Do you know how hard they worked last night? Do you know what tweet I pinned on one of my four Twitter to pray and be with them in Spirit Life to help the working people of this Nation? Do you care? You do not care. I will tell you that much. 


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