Coronavirus is Teaching America

For GOD SAKE how we should have Hillary Clinton at the “Jesus Take the Wheel” is so obvious at this point I am thankful my testimony is breaking through in a unity which takes my breath away. I knew it.

I knew We are The People of America.

Vote Blue. Hell and damnation elect the Man Who will push Medicare For All! And stop hating on the real candidate.

Scoliosis Teaches Me from 1966 Daily Thoughts

 tells the world I know, and have learned in an 12 year snapshot, that the defining of miraculous and mountain moving faith are being re-learned by entire populations. But the atheist needs to shut the fuck up because GOD is HERE heaven and Earth and without DEITY humanity would have been dead long ago.

So get a grip and embrace YOUR OWN spiritual side, leave the Baptists to die and supposedly eat ice cream in heaven, leave the Muslims to fuck virgins in the after-life, and find the LORD in your life here, now, and 24/7/365.

The rest of us are busy so listen for once and fuck off otherwise. Keep your bowels open and your mouths shut, all of you telling each other off while kids are dying and being raped (dying) and we all need YOU to be our family HERE.

I know Christians who tear this video apart just like I know atheists and idiots tear it apart. BE Me and Carrie Underwood. BE the woman who is caring for a baby while daddy ran off. 

Why Me? As Number Four is my witness in the passenger seat, Curtis’s Subaru ended up almost flipping in a flood storm on 290W as we traveled to Number One’s House to pick her up. We were about to go to the D/FW area for a dog show but had to cancel due to flooding. We had to turn around that day.

But you ask my daughter. When the wheels began to spin I went to hell. I said the name Jesus  over and over until Holy Spirit spoke deep and told me take your foot off everything and I did. I breathed deep and still said the Name Jesus, and then I was told exactly when to turn the wheel a bit, turn the car hard right, and to the other side of the highway where I straightened up the vehicle, shook my head in a moment of reality about where my daughter, the dogs, and I should have been, and shakily went to get my other daughter. 

We are Spiritualists. We know how to access “Jesus” in all sorts of situations but that isn’t the Man Who died. That is the second heaven where we all are. I’ve story after story of my people flipping cars and walking away. 

The humans ended up with hospital bills. I have those testimonies too. Yeah well. Walter hit a deer in Mississippi before that demon spoke through my fucking voice. Not long ago my brother’s namesake ran over a dead deer. What goes around comes around in Austin, Texas. You can’t hide the real shit from me, can you?

Enough admitted. Back off and shut up. Do you understand?

Jesus Take the Wheel by Carrie Underwood

Lemme give you a few more:

Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood

Oh Baby, I ruin your cars (#Allegory), take ahold of your testimony to the fourth generation (Exodus), and wear all black with a purpose sometimes. I’m not talking about a man when I sing either of these songs, am I? No I am not. 

Yeah well Rihanna and Beyonce are not singing about just one man, either, Bitch:

Hold Up by Beyonce’

Work–explicit by Rihanna

Needed Me–explicit by Rihanna

Don’t get it twisted. I know who is pulling what around me one hundred percent of the time. I can’t stop and do a music video and I can’t get my inheritance back. But I can type the hell right out of your life on four website blogs. 

Revelation 17 from Bible Gateway, KJV

Interpretation is my specialty. Now get a grip and realize when Cara Coffey testifies a chapter of Revelation IRL and accept your new reality: Heaven is on earth and I’m simply doing what I’ve always done. Telling you in love about what is actually happening in real life even though you NEVER see the proper perspective but I do is my specialty. I can’t help it that I understand the 666 (Revelation 13). You cannot help it either, Bitch. 

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