Three, Two, One…..

I am having a very hard time getting people to help me move. I guess here we go again; a retention list is what it will be. Don’t help me, I have to hire it and use even more of the IRA money that was the only thing my mother left me after she chose to break the covenant my father and I made to build the house that is there in a neighborhood a ton of people, and ministries, know exists. What is more, somebody is strong-arming me to do just that; hire it. That person is angry with me and the family.

While you’re at it, why don’t Christian ministries that I’ve sent things kindly email me and get my mailing address (I’m pretending they don’t have it, which is hilarious). I have bills to pay. You have large complexes and homes. Two and two do not add up for Cara Beaty-Coffey.

The family joke through Dad was to watch me around the knives. Comanche Indians won’t find that funny right now. I don’t. I don’t blame them, I’m tired of being the brunt of jokes, and like I said, here we go again. Wash, rinse, dry, and repeat. At least when I move, the washer and dryer are going to be new. Thank God.

You force my hand this time, no matter who you are, it is going on this website. Get moving with me, please.

You were a Christian when I started this epiphany September 25, 2008. Now you are agnostics or whatever. I’m a Pagan and I’m taking the name “Christian” back from a lot of bull shit action for going on 12 years.

Damn right and left I’m a Christian. But I’m a Pagan first and I did no harm. It is quite the contrary DUH. I have been meaningfully harmed and it just keeps going in the flesh while I love everyone, have forgiven everyone and asked forgiveness where I could, and otherwise worked my tail off doing what I could.

To no avail. Rich ruler doesn’t like it that THEY are burning in hell before second death is my guess. Power is very heady stuff, isn’t it?



At the moment, for the next three years, when you see this notebook as a person I have and do know, and if you are dealing with me or Curtis, you need to wonder if your name is within retention. It’s that simple.

Let’s vote Democrat. Let’s get along. But on the other hand, die. I’ve said to die your own way. The only problem with that sentiment is it is in your world, those left behind. I’m speaking to you in your world when you know perfectly well how many people die around me.

What you never asked for is my interpretation. As a matter of fact, you took what I freely gave and keep demanding more.

How cute.





Nobody save One now has any idea the pain in the lives of Uncovered No More and Streams Ministries International, that is precisely two Individuals, and They are Cara Ann Coffey and John Paul Jackson.

But you say, Cara, he is dead. You go ahead and understand my story that way if it comforts you after what you did to him, to Me.

Streams Ministries International and Cara Ann Coffey know the simpliCity of John Paul Jackson and Cara Ann Beaty and both our Fathers: 1 John 1:9.

Robert Jackson and Robert Hilton Beaty Junior taught three children the Truth and He sets the World Free but it is not Jesus Christ returned Who “One” is.

That is none of anyone’s business but mine.


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