LOVE, & All That Jazz 3

Hang on Loves, give me 1-2 weeks. Let’s be free together. Let’s be free together. I want us to see that the more progressive we can push ourselves to be in the next presidential election, the more young people will be set free to work for a better tomorrow in America. And we need that better tomorrow in America. I’m raising ten for HER. What do you think I desire? I want HER to trust Me. That’s why Jordin Sparks’ The Cure is within the artwork, below.

I had a breakthrough about two weeks ago and realized I was set free from the three volume set of Uncovered No More that was destroyed all the way through my publisher the same month DT got the presidency. That was January of 2017.

And here is the truth: I can now release it my way not bound to the persecution penned upon me from September 25, 2008 until….

Please, Loves America, put down our arms. Look at the Muslim and Atheist standing there. Smile. Be willing to give up suppositions, doctrines, and fears to free more and more and more people, and to do it together and as economically sound as possible.

That is America. The shit show is not America. We are strong enough to LOVE HER. But We must fix what is broken together or we will still be broken. We will still lose.

And I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of losing. I’m tired of the news, all of it, being slanted so negatively. I’m tired living like I’m the failure people have tried for 11-12 years to make me. I forgive. I pray. I weep. I laugh. Just like you, I laugh. But you need to trust me: we need to Vote Blue No Matter Who right now. We can give the Republicans another chance soon hopefully.

Table of Contents Herein

Jordin Sparks’ Battlefield because let me say: Apocalypse is OVER. #Allegory

When a gal finds Tara on the other side of 290W and Weir near San Gabriel Park in Georgetown, that gal knows the angels are doing okay, maybe. #Allegory

Note to Cara: doors verses from Revelation particularly here after Jordin’s Album.

John Michael Talbot’s The Inner Room 

Plumb’s Need You Now because she understands like Jordin and John Michael Talbot.

I don’t have to enter the Catholic Church anymore. We are okay. You need to listen to Talbot, Catholic Church Worldwide, and until you do it is simple for me. I listen to the golden music and get raptured every time.

Portions of Joel & Acts 2

A portion of Job 42; Matthew 1

Pictures of the Double Moons Prayer Initiative because what you are going to get IRL is free hand art of John Paul Jackson’s Perfect Storm; NOT my prayer initiative that you ripped me apart with with your definition of “prayer” America.

Scott and John Paul are resting now, working now in that rest, and I will be damned if We Three let you get the best of us in heaven and on earth by GOD WHO is neither MALE or FEMALE. John Paul is best at that. How do you know Cara? I know that like I saw bona-fide the road Weir near San Gabriel Park.

WONDER by Hillsong United

RUSH Soundtrack by Eric Clapton


PS: I finished this artwork above at Whole Foods, and took the mirror image picture. Hello. Here We Are.

I told a child of mine, asked in pain right now, really, What do you think? That I’ll stop allegory after Double Moons? 

Dear Ones, I have only just begun. Our Story awaits. Let’s GO!

Dang. BayMax agreed and was like sniff sniff with my wine. Dat MSN who named him gave me a laugh a few nights ago. Thank You Man. You are golden. 😘 So is Walter. Ahem. BayMax.

That’s another story. 🙄🤷🏻‍♀️✌️😂

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