I’m Going to Say This Once: #Sanders2020 1

In case you don’t think WW3 is on the Internet, lookie here what Ryan and I have to deal with:

Reminds me of a dream #3 had. Better get it up.

Case closed and this is a three part. If America had not noticed, I listen to one hundred percent NOBODY ELSE when it comes to politics.

If you cannot see that Republicans and Democrats in mixed bunches are attempting to block the possibility of the First Jewish President you are hilariously idiotic, naive, or powerfully capitalistic-ally hungry for leadership in this country and you give not one thought for the suffering people HERE. You are a murderer and a rapist and a thief.

This population is extremely well educated. Don’t expect me to cater to your whims anymore. Game over.

Democratic Relevance for November 2020 2

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