Donald Trump is a Piece of Pig Shit

don trump, you are not sent from GOD.  you are sent from capitalistic murderers, even in Russia. you are misleading people who are suffering left and right in the United States of America. 

you are one of the worst fucks this world system in america has ever had to endure in a presidency. you stomp on the rule of law. you take what was supposed to be christian morality and whip up simple people into a frenzy of their own death experience that is not nearly as comfortable as progressive law-making will make it some day. 

your whole fucking family is a whore of murderous intent.  when I pray for you all, it is praying for my enemy and the enemy of the people. I pray for enemies who are so many millionaires and billionaires. it seems to me you’d read the rich ruler parable in the bible and realize your doom. you could begin to turn this around for the very fact that you have authority which you are using in this four years to erode #WeThePeople, but naw. 



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