Democratic Relevance for November 2020 2

BERNIE SANDERS Our Revolution Part Two #NotMeUs

Okay so my life is fucked. America is more fucked than I am. And I don’t know what to say anymore except be as blunt as possible, smile a lot, and keep moving.

Biden is a good man. He was a good VP with Barack Obama. Obama and Sanders are similar and that’s the strangest thing yet. 

Wait Cara. One is black, and in America black-skinned people…..

Listen. I cannot even read Harriet Tubman’s story with my daughter without sobbing uncontrollably so I get it. Barack Obama is the best president we’ve ever had and I didn’t vote for him either time. I was still in the Christian Church during his time, and you didn’t vote against your father and husband if you were me without severe consequences. Everybody in my life has quit fucking with me. Last time I didn’t vote at all and this time, I’m A-political so that the fighting in my family doesn’t start again. 

Please Forgive Us, Barack & Michelle Obama from 144,000 Rivers

Christianity fights me at every level. Go fuck yourself catholics and protestants. You treat women no matter our skin color so bad I’m ashamed of ya. Prove me wrong the next ten years and change my testimony. I dare you.

Sanders is a Jew. Obama is an African American. 

Do we want to sit here for the next six to eight years and argue about whose people group has suffered the most? Fuck that. We have these dear children NOW. Why waste time like that? 

I’m not going to talk about the current wickedness playing forth in the White House in this gorgeous article. Go find them elsewhere here. I’m cussing that side out, dancing like nobodies business at church, and keeping busy in a myriad of ways. You?



#Witness above.

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