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BERNIE SANDERS Our Revolution Part Two #NotMeUs

What This World Needs by Casting Crowns

Every Man by Casting Crowns

Man in the Mirror

And I want to share a few things as a post-Christian, Pagan Mama. I got ten great kids. They been parented “Christian” and then, they been parented. I don’t even know what to call it by this point and if any large family parent can tell you what they call it, RUN. They are arrogant idiots. Gah.

Run by Christina Perri

Human by Christina Perri

  1. I done told my post-Christian kids that if you have sex with a significant other, and it doesn’t work out for a long term “Christian” deal, ask forgiveness (it’s technically called fornication) and move on. Hey ya’ll I’m not stupid. One partner at a time. Safe meaning condoms and BCP. Get your proper vax. Shit this is simple. But it isn’t simple if you are a proper Christian family. Parents, IMHO, get out of your adult children’s dating cycles, encourage safe sex, and tell them the truth. Don’t DO SEX if you aren’t committed or damn it’s going to hurt worse if you do more than a little hand holding, maybe kissing. NO I am not old-fashioned, Boo. I’m telling you the fucking truth, literally. You get in bed, you gonna fall hard. Period.
  2. I want as little emotional and etc. pain as possible. That’s why #1 is there.
  3. Masturbate unashamed and try not to tell the local Baptist Pastor to shut up. Stay away from that bastard’s kids. They are arrogant as the day is long because he is, mostly. As to Catholics OH MY GOD I don’t know what to say. Get those murderers in jail. Otherwise. I do honestly know what to say and I’m choosing not to say it for the sake of the righteous priests and multitudes of people in your midst.
  4. Abortion: damn it, mama. Get in there and hold her hand if she needs one. Raise the baby if she doesn’t until she gets what she needs to thrive. Shut up.
  5. Grandkids: naw. But love them how the kids say as adult parents, otherwise. If you’ve had ten like me, take a little liberty and spoil the fuck outta the grand pets and kids. Laugh with them. Drink wine like I’m doing right now.
  6. Adult peeps Mom pushed outta of vagina or got cut open for or done adopted: make sure they do what they can at least love a little, in employment, to pay bills. Fuck everyone and everything else that puts expectation on the kids. Encourage them. Hold them accountable to responsibility, loving themselves and others, and paying those bills. Help them get, or not, educated what and how they need for THEIR LIFE. Fuck off otherwise. I’m sick of white Americans I know putting fucking expectations on the adult kids and I’m equally sick of spoiled rotten adult kids.
  7. Did I miss something? Leave a comment. Gah.

We are fishy fishes in a hellish water, here in America, I’m saying. Read that book up above and lemme say. It’s easy to see the shit and easier still to Vote Blue this next election. (Psalm 74)

One last thing, America, and that is about voting. You have got to be kidding me but I happen to know you are not. Voter suppression is a war crime. Several hours in line is a war crime. And that just happened. That just happened. People standing in lines for hours, and they did it. What the living fuck, America. DT can talk about a stupid wall and my black brother and sister had to stand in line for hours at a time? What the living fuck can I do? Write this damn article and a few more here and there. I’m gonna cuss you out more and more and more until you give us Medicare for All, Education boosts, and other progressive programs. And if the Waltons could just stop hording money along with the Federal Government and pay $15 minimum wage across the board, that’d be CORRECT too.

Kick the Christian Complex and the haters. Any questions?

Somewhere in the Middle by Casting Crowns

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