An Opinion About Palestine & Israel with Prayer 1

I am a pagan now, but in my past Christian life before I realized I was a pagan then too, I remember as a child and teen knowing that the generations before me in the Protestant world were waiting for the completion of the Nation of Israel according to Bible Prophecy. There seemed to be rapture doctrine and fear, and a lot of bias, that came forth from this sort of discussion slant. 

However, the Christian preparation teaching for Y2K did not include the completion of the Nation of Israel, at least in my circles of fellowship. The church we committed to before we moved to Austin, Texas, were very Judeo-Christian cultish in nature. That means it was a bunch of white males, they were dominant, and everything was about establishing the New Israel (or New Jerusalem about which I know a lot in #Allegory and in experience that I have removed from my website presence), and it was the normal capitalistic/Judeo Christian bullshit that later we saw those same people first off hate on Barack Obama and second off elect Donald Trump.

I didn’t vote for Mr. Obama. I didn’t hate on him either and that is an UNDERSTATEMENT. I was appreciative of him and his policies even though I personally cannot say much politically because the opinions around me get really negative. That’s an understatement too but not all in caps lolol. 

I didn’t vote at all by the time it got to a white lady and a buffoon that’s white and more pro-Russian Vlad Putin than Republicans or Evangelicals would like to admit. Gah. UNDERSTATEMENT again. 

Christian Zionism on Wikipedia

This article above is what I kept hearing but it wasn’t called Zionism in my neck of the god-awful complicated jungle called Protestant Christianity 1950 to this present, fucked up darkness.

John Paul Jackson was born in ’50. I was born in ’66. Damn I feel caught in the middle of some serious shit admitting this but at least John Paul and I are okay. I’m just kidding. How can I know if John Paul is okay? He died February 18, 2015.

Scott Evelyn whom he gifted the heavenly door on a mountain in New Hampshire to died eight years from the day a demon of insanity talked through my voice, hot dog hope to live normal now thank you very much, and he had a tractor fall on him on the mountain September 25, 2016. Grandpa Robert Hilton Beaty had his whole truck drive over him at the age of 30. He’d already fathered six children one of which died in infancy from starvation. Then Grandma Eara gave birth to Dad after Grandpa died and she raised the kids and they raised each other because Grandma died when Dad was 14 from uterine cancer. I can keep going. NO.

OKAY now back to this article. I’ve been saying the same thing Bernie Sanders and Ilhan Omar are saying for quite some time, even calling Netanyahu into repentance. Normal American Christians refuse to do that. They don’t “hate on” Jews. I don’t hate on them. I wouldn’t be calling them into repentance if I did, Bitch. Israel Becoming A State–100 Bible Verses

I’m not reading those 100 verses but help yourself. Israel is a state. DUH. I agree with the interpretation of Zionism at least on that first point of 1948. I didn’t read the whole article, either. ARE you KIDDING ME? I have been hearing this stuff since I was 7 years old and Protestants literally do not like me anymore–pagan as I am–so everybody fuck off because it’s obvious Israel needs to treat Palestinians better. They are the Elder Brother like Jesus Christ in this day and age. Get to it, Israel. Case closed.

I find it interesting Bernie Sanders, who I did champion against both Hills and idiot pig shit, knew this too. It’s like what I’ve been finding out this time around: he, Elijah Cummings, and John Lewis (both Representatives while Bernie is a Senator) have been championing the exact things Republicans are AGAINST and Don pig shit is a liar about–which define a progressive outlook since the 1960’s and 1970’s. 

Yeah and whatever-whatever-whatever you DO NOT want Cara Coffey to start typing about me and Franklin Graham, Bobby Conner, or Rick Joyner. No you do not want me to do that. Old wine, those guys. I’m a new wine skin and it is a pagan pig skin hahaha.  Enough admitted.

Have a nice life, Israel. I wuvs ya. I wuvs the Palestinians. Figure this shit out and stop already!!!!!!!!

PS Bernie Sanders was in Austin, Texas at a rally today and I committed to go via text but didn’t realize it was Sunday, the 23rd today. I thought I had a week. But more to the point I feel controlled by family again; I’m not going to go into that.

I have decided to switch my own testimony around. Here it is: I am not controlled I am Pagan. We do not get directly involved with things like this election in the details. We cannot do that and consider ourselves Pagans because we do no harm.

In the current atmosphere of the United States and Her politics, if you come out really for, and therefore against otherwise, one candidate or another you are entering a hurtful thing that there is NO WAY to get out of.

I will admit I see people getting out to support candidates who are not like this. But in my world which I’ve spoken frankly about in this article, it isn’t like that. 

It isn’t like that. Next time if Bernie Sanders or some other presidential candidate I am positive about comes to town, I may go. I must give myself time to re-acclimate to my whole life after Mahesh Chavda came into Austin, Texas, December 1, 2017, and when I went up for prayer like others, he wouldn’t. He just said The job is finished and I left thinking omg here we go again and boy was THAT the truth. 

Now if Brother Mahesh being Brother Mahesh ran for president I would definitely go to that rally. I wonder if he’d be Democrat or Republican? lolol……..

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