I called for a boycott and a few members of Congress enacted boycott which I personally appreciated.

A Jesus account I follow watched it. This perspective is truth coupled with a Lucifer account’s warning also on my websites. It has been fully testified on this property the import of what is being stated.

In addition, Speaker of the House Pelosi was witnessed on video ripping in half the speech #Impeachment3 had given her. I have been seen not only ripping pages out of various books publicly but equally ripping finished testimony to shreds. In addition I found the coloring I had done with @Franklin_Graham as prayer agreement and reduced it for the Vampire Judgment, in allegory, so to speak, the fourth anniversary of my father’s new life.

I have been calling for separation of church and state for quite some time. Prayer should NOT be legislated in public schools.

The poem I composed after Scott Evelyn of The Bridge in New Hampshire was killed by a tractor which fell on him eight years to the day from when a Demon of Insanity spoke through my voice and my father exorcised it off on September 25, 2008 will be here shortly. It is within Uncovered No More: a four blood moon testimony vol 3.

It should be remembered that Robert Hilton Beaty my Judah elect GrandFather had his own truck run over him at the age of 30 in 1933. (Rev 11 with Patrick Clayton Beaty 2x and David Wilkerson)

I began to copy the poem before @jesus_twinkie released truth (as I had to explain tonight NOT SIMPLY POLITICAL OPINION) at a restaurant.

It’s like the article below. I appealed to Lucifer then added the Tweet that “appeared” coincidentally from that account not long after the appeal. Yeah that’s not opinion or simple good advice, either.

Vote Blue #RESIST

Two Gathered Agreed

I resurrected a GaGa single somewhere or other today. Scott and I know about that so I’ll include it in my poetry. If I use a #Phoenix as I just did in the feature image you know I know there’s a heavy exorcism going on. #Story #Allegory

Bad Romance by Lady Gaga

One moment ago, a time far away, Eternity whispers to Me

Just a minute little loves, remember, pray tell and we all will be free.


I dreamed awake this morning yet again as I drank deep from mourning tea

Full moon last night, visions of love today, a face touched, succor taken liberally.


We are broken; known anew; learning again how to tarry on this island’s love songs blue

Where should we go? How shall we stand? Ministry, home or framed in ocean throngs


I never lie; I always seasonally tarry; it is hard and atrocious; wide paths narrow

Reality broke fourth despite storming civil war on snowflake’s winging visage of sparrow


I am an earth’s defining, wretch, they require my enigma to be crazy, lying seamlessly

Ugliness grasped; run ashore; dashed and flung; tiredly worn in dirty snowflake form


Time is relevant; space exists; fanfares made; sackcloth rent; while hope’s faith made

Truth extinguishing principalities exists equally surely non-cursed; but the foes!!


Tongues have ceased; we’re wordless blessed; within prevailing storm’s place of rest

I see so much living dross among rainbows inter-laid with love’s gold among fatalities


1999 by Prince

Let me get real clear after having three beautiful and white-skinned lady catholics die in my testimony after having John Paul Jackson, Scott Evelyn, my Uncle Paul, and my mother die on me and a bunch of people judging me.

I just had it from one of my younger children that my aunt, cris, actually was pressuring my mother to throw Curtis and I off our property as Mom disinherited me and hid it from me while my kids are still struggling with all the negativity hitting us all at Uncovered No More while I still have to go to churches to make christians look good when they are self-righteous, sexist, and full of crap. 

In 1999 Prince announced that he had a lion in his pocket. People KNOW Jesus Christ is here. Everybody loves that fiction and reality. It’s when Cara Coffey has to entertain angels, kids, adults who are too negative, and love herself in Austin, Texas that it gets so fucked up Curtis and I are having some discussions. This needs to break. We may very well break it. 

We are good people, good parents, good citizens, and I’m sick of the negative narrative. Does anybody have any questions? 


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