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Original Ghostbusters Theme Song

I have a suggestion for Car Companies and Fast Food Employers: just because $15 is the minimum doesn’t mean much if you are into “free will offering” like Protestants and Muslims and Buddhists are supposed to be, does it?

The actual article is going onto 1966 Daily Thoughts . There will be words over there. You have to be able to read, @realDonaldTrump @Franklin_Graham.

#freehandart is going here. Franklin, this is according to Joel and Acts Chapters Two. You went state to state after MY United States Prayer Initiative. Hot Damn I should have copyrighted this piece of fading artwork:

I burned this page @Franklin_Graham 10:04AMCE. Christianity Today is righteous. May the Worm rot your penis, your oldest daughter’s vagina and all writing and speaking coming fourth from Billy Graham Ministries, No Greater Joy Ministries, Eagle’s View Ministries, and MorningStar Ministries.

Fancy that, Bitch. I know the difference betwixt My Morning Stars. 🤬

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