Vote Blue Is Me 1

I’m looking very pro-Bernie Sanders right now but I am not pro-anybody. I’m A-political and will vote my conscience. I can tell America that if you don’t vote Democrat all the way the next time, you hate America.

It’s that simple but you don’t have to believe me. I believe in your free will as much as in mine. You’re not the one who had three books and publisher destroyed the same month DT took “office” in January of 2017, and it was an answer to my prayers and proclamations in the book in the frame of reference of ArchAngel Gabriel.

That’s Cara Coffey from the perspective of testifying in the Gospel Record framework. It was Gabriel that announced to virgin mother Mary what was going to happen. AND it was that Jesus who read Isaiah 61 in the Temple just like I spontaneously established the ministry of Uncovered No More upon.

Gabriel and I, well….you wouldn’t believe that testimony so fuck off. I’ll leave that to a face to face, if he gets it, whomever they are. (allegory, ya’ll so take a deep breath).

We in this together, damn it. Good for us. Whatever. But at least you know.

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