STOP THIS Gordon Ramsey and Hollywood

I’m not saying anything else. I will cuss most of America out from Millennials on up if I do.

God what an understatement but what do I know? I’m just a stupid, white trash Mama in Austin, Texas.

Joan Rivers was my kind of lady.

While I am on such a subject here is what is unacceptable on Twitter, below. Rest assured I blocked this account. Rest assured I’ve paid dearly for the understanding I have to be announcing this. But I have not paid nearly as much as the children Raped daily from Internet situations. Do we see the #GodSquad hash tag?

Some of us had to out a pedophile masquerading using a demon name @thebaddudebelow.

If I have cloaked names on any of my four websites they are not this way. So you go figure out what the fucking hell else you need to figure out, America.

You don’t tweet like this EVER. This is gaming language, above. I repeat, YOU DO NOT TWEET THIS WAY EVER.

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