Saints in the Federal Government (watch out)

I’m going to take this to serious in about two seconds. The feature image is a Phoenix. That coloring is a ministry in the angelic realms having to do with great import as it concerns mystery and exorcism. They are allegory, and I love the story of the Phoenix in Harry Potter’s life in the first movie of the series, The Sorcerer’s Stone. 

I lightened my mood tonight by doing stretches and writing some allegorical tweets in a Tweet Story. My blogs don’t get allegory much anymore because people lost the privilege of it when they destroyed my books and persecuted me unrelentingly about what I have to say. So I am caged. I don’t care. I still write with The Voice like so many of us are learning to do since about 2008.

We are getting stronger.

Anyway, when you have the Catholic Church being hellishly ugly concerning rape, and they are the ones who cannonize and make saints of people across the ages, then I think we need to seriously shake this up.

In addition, when you have Evangelicals trying to make the Federal Government “One Nation Under God” when it is supposed to be that we are careful with separation of church and state, plus they are backing a wicked “president” as they have been doing since about 2014 or even earlier, then again, let’s shake this up. Protestants have their sexual sin too; don’t pretend they don’t have that. Backing that idiot in the White House IS a sexual sin you non-Christian ghouls.

Do I think the dollar bill should be changed? Shut up that isn’t the issue. Spiritualism isn’t the issue. It’s when you define GOD to mean what is in the White House that SOMETHING is an ISSUE.

Many, many Americans pray. We give glory to GOD. And we should have the freedom to do that, but I NEVER in my life thought that meant Franklin Graham should support the idiot in the White House. I NEVER in my life thought Xtian populations should be racist, sexist, and cruel thinkers who listen to the shit being called Christian Doctrine in this country. When the Bible says to study to show ourselves approved I can guarantee that wood, hay, and stubble isn’t IT.

Damn it I understand the basics in the Bible better to have learned about and continue to pursue Rune Stones. To study Astrology is to learn a fascinating history,  much of which IS giving glory to GOD when voting for trump and being maga is not giving glory to GOD.

Sainthood ought to be recognized like this: Harriet Tubman was KNOWN as Moses to her people. Elijah Cummings is a modern day Saint. I know of others and so do you.  #ThankYou Jeff Tiedrich, Harriet Tubman Speaks Truth from Cara Beaty.


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