Fear, Bernie, Lies, #WeThePeople #NotMeUs finished 1/28/2020


Yesterday by the Beatles

Oh this one is gonna get some Cara typing lemme say. Give me today. I’m sick of it all. Gah.

Nazi death camp survivor turns 100 on International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Hundreds of Holocaust survivors meet at Auschwitz-Birkenau for 75th liberation anniversary

Bernie Sanders is exactly like AW Tozer, whose book review of my dad’s little book The Presence of God will come back to dwell on one of my four blog books. You know, these books are going to be different. When they come to an end, I will likely quietly publish them and file them away, hit delete, and perhaps write again. I write until reality I know is IRL though everyone has betrayed me.

That is, everyone who knows me has betrayed me and yet I have three people who didn’t. Family is a strange thing.

So I now am choosing to move on. You should elect Bernie Sanders. I said that, as did some young people in my life, the last time which is what his book is about and the story is no different this time, forever, but yet we lost some things with the election of Donald Trump.

I challenge everyone to read his book. Even if he does not get elected, you can at least know from his book what should be happening in America. BERNIE SANDERS Our Revolution is both history and prophecy. It is that simple (1 Corinthians 13).

My goodness it feels good to yet again put a bible reference upon this website. In addition, don’t think I love you anymore Churches of GOD. You are in your place, I am in mine, and I know how to get along with you all. You never tried with me. You treated me like the whore of Revelation 17 and then moved on assuming you were doing the correct thing. You have to ask the adult you did it to if that was the correct decision. It is easier with Cara Coffey to pretend you can out-maneuver her in interpretation for one reason: you know she never leaves or forsakes.

Let me tell you something, with the testimony like I have I am in exactly the same place as the King of kings: misused, overworked, and taken advantage of 24/7.

Moving on. I’m not telling America what to do. I’m telling you what you SHOULD do. But of course after 2016 I already personally know most people do not give one damn for the real people just like so many people have done to me the last 11 years. I’m going to write the allegory. It’s a repeat. I’m sealing a tomb that is not of Lazarus this time in a little story. It’s the rich ruler’s tomb I’m sealing in another small prayer initiative. I saw it as I finished this article. That will be interesting but I don’t think it will be on this book’s pages.

SO I’m moving on with you and I don’t love you. I’ve actually had somebody tell me that. Well well well what goes around comes around, ya’ll. Have a nice life. You turned your fear around you and me into lies that you are now trying to tell the God-Head are truth. You go to GOD with that, and don’t expect me to do anything but smile. Don’t listen to Cara, she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Okay, sounds good.

I have ministries, people, and churches this has happened around. As I told a chit of a woman at a Baptist Church situation two or three weeks ago, okay, we will need to practice more. 

Cutsie little lady, whose name I have, slinked around the next week all in black (a dress which is hilarious). Don’t wear a dress around me, lady. I’ll laugh inside that much more. Baptists are like little stones the builder rejects of their own free will. This is going to be fun.

It’s fine. You don’t care that I don’t love you. You don’t care at all. I already know that. So just like it is true that my three books are being brought forth despite the fact that they and my publisher were destroyed the first month Donald Trump took office, so will these blog books state truth that will be even more juicy because it won’t have IRL testimony. It will have my life story and none other. You go on. You never needed me anyway except for 10 people who I happened to push out of my womb.  They are interesting. Raising kids in this day and age is a trip all its own and it is hilarious.

I’m locking you rich rulers away into a Tomb Experience on the Earth. Ha! who cares? I don’t. Capitalists don’t care. Your judgment is on the other side. Work your asses off now; I’m doing the same. We are living in a country where real people don’t get health care and the minimum wage SHOULD BE $15 like what Bernie and his associates were fighting for last time. Go get rich. That’s what millennials on down are about anyway……

Who is that Cara, you are story-weaving about? I told you I have three people of my past experience who are committed to the full me. If you are not the lowly people like me on the earth surface called America, and if you are busy trolling others and having all your high ideas of what this country needs, you are not in solidarity with the unifying force I’ve always written within, always made sure to lose myself within, and always offered freely no matter how verbally abused I became.

You are in the tomb if you are not in solidarity with those of us who know the truth setting us free. I’ve made it very clear the types of people in this group. You should already know by now that women of color are backing Bernie Sanders. You should have already figured out I support people like Ilhan Omar instead of denigrating her, which has happened and not just to her, close up to me.

Be ashamed. You should be. Otherwise, there’s your allegory. You know where you are in my life now. The only way to get out is knock. I’ll open if you will get honest with me instead of continuing your games.

There are three with Me; they were set apart by God Father. It is a mystery. I take them now; the rest of you may fend for yourselves in the land of the rich and prosperous. 

surrender off of 1966 Daily Thoughts

The Cardinal feature image represents the leadership of Aries, but only among Baby Boomers and Generation X who are righteous at this time. It is necessary to set boundaries upon this article for the sake of my Guardian Angel Who is very severely overworked as well as Me, for I have lies still stripping out in Austin, Texas, and I need to be out of spiritual and even physical pain. Anyone who tells you your spirit life and your flesh life are not connected is your enemy. You are a whole person. I’ve always treated everyone like that and I have the scars of betrayal in my life to prove it. 


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