Martin Luther King, Jr. & President Barak Obama

Martin Luther King Jr.’s ‘Letter From Birmingham Jail’

No matter who you are, read this letter today please. Read it to your children. Read it to your pets. Read it out loud to yourself in front of the mirror.

This week, I was given the gift of one word on Twitter. I had not used the word but it is the correct word for all Americans who believe in this country. The Woman who used the word so beautifully in a tweet is Ilhan Omar. The word is solidarity.

I am seeing political commentators on Twitter jump solidarity’s ship. Solidarity is voting for a Democrat named Bernie Sanders.

Bernie talks big. He already knows he won’t get everything he has fought for since the 1960’s. But the point is #WeThePeople. The point is #WorkingFamilies.

That is my white 12 member family. Let me admit something: I’m losing a lot of IRA money I inherited from my parents to use as upkeep money for this property, and it’s called inheritance tax.

I have an adult child who is valiantly paying for some things Bernie Sanders, and only Bernie Sanders, knows she as a hard-working American should not be paying for.

My mother’s death experience was very expensive.

My children see college debt and working long hours plus going to schools in their twenties, coming up. They were mistreated in jobs and minimum wage is ridiculously low so working two jobs sometimes happens.

Okay. This family is white and working class. This author supported Bernie Sanders for 2016 and announced it. Donald Trump won, has committed crimes, is impeached, and is not my president.

Meanwhile, by January of 2017 when an idiot I refused to vote for (either candidate) became a puppet head of criminality internationally, my publisher and all three books were destroyed.

I know; I know–you don’t care. Yeah and I don’t stop writing.

I honor true leadership. What was not true is wiped off my websites. What is suffering still remains and is protected.

I saw in 2019 how retention of forgiveness on this Earth called America would return on Uncovered No More. Good for Cara Ann Coffey and lethal for America.

You know the drill. I know my future with My True People. It’s different now. I’m retaining outside of Pagan Love Circles I used to cast, specifically stating I forgive upon their release of death if it happened while I prayed that way. I’m not doing that this time and you can meet GOD on the other side to get your judgment.

I know how to NOT forgive sins committed by wicked and lying individuals. That is no big deal, America. And here is the vow: you cannot enact it on me like you tried while all my work was destroyed.

Go ahead. Try it. Let’s see who dies ugly, Bitch. You read that correct: I just threw a vow.

The Gun Rally in Virginia today: you are in your heaven. You will burn on the other side.

#GavelDrop to the fourth generation of seed and womb. #invocation

EDITORIALS Let’s remember the MLK who wasn’t liked

For US. I live my life daily for US. It is a worldwide privilege. Being broken is me today. If anyone thinks this was easy, you don’t exist to me and you never will.

@leeladaou accurately hits Barack Obama as well; therefore, guess who is going with the Clintons in #retention?

You people don’t know dirty politics. Let Me teach you #America. I worked for Hillary Clinton. Her attacks on Bernie Sanders are a big mistake

They are forgetting our deaths too. I cannot; I cannot be in love with you.

I’m at Whole Foods. 8:02 PMCE BERNIE SANDERS Our Revolution Part Two #NotMeUs

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