Agreeing with Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Two Gathered & Agreed tells you I am simply praying. I have heard privately that Speaker Mitch McConnell is possibly deciding to not block witnesses. That would be good. Blocking witnesses is evil. He has called himself a grim reaper. Read the linked article. I remind America Who a grim reaper is and I am not that person.

Knock knock. Who is there? Cara Beaty. Cara Beaty who? #InnocentBystander1; nothing more or less. I will not hit delete any longer. You privately intimate something, and I quote myself tonight, “I have the truth of what happened to me privately cloaked. Any more surprises and it will not be.”

And there is one news report at the end of this article. This Woman and other people exactly like her who were mistreated by those who lied with Donald Trump and Company–even going so far as to appoint Supreme Court Justices who are not qualified–are so courageous I am not sure who is acting prayer. They certainly are miraculous. They are in my heart of hearts at all times as our True American Heritage.

Christianity America, let me say it again: 1. We are NOT a Judeo-Christian Nation and many, many people respect those roots. 2. We are struggling in this Nation with many things, and one primary of those things is Separation of Church and State.

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