Sparrows Never Die UNM Vol 3

My Concubine Life in America

The following blog articles are portions from this chapter, pp. 89-126. I am re-ordering this book, cutting out portions that died away with my second volume of testimony, and deleting the name Jesus in some portions when that wasn’t Him in #Allegory. You won’t know Who it is.

As to my concubine life, it is obvious which women I masqueraded as from September of 2008 until the last blood moon of September of 2015. They are Hagar and Mary Magdalene. Yin Yang dictates and allows my male/female Storytelling and Allegory as does the fact that I’m Aries.

Seven years, seven daughters and I have a question for linguists, scientists, atheists, agnostics, and religious dogma shop-keepers alike:

Do you realize how the three archangels have the alpha-numeric sign of seven? Gabriel, Michael, Lucifer all three have a portion of seven to deal with as it concerns two entities: a living book of 66 “little books” (Revelation 9) called the Bible and the Apocalypse.

Look at Their Vowels. a-e-i twice over. One, and only One, carries U.

Interesting, what is more: Satan and Jesus. Of course both have five letters; however, here we see a little truth. Satan is mortal in allegory. There are two A in that name and I can sling some New Testament your way, mortal humankind, if you’d like. No, you wouldn’t. I tried THAT from September of 2015 through September of 2019. Game over.

Jesus: E and One, only One, carries U.

Now I will mention 1-3 John and Me. Either Way, Tara and Cara, you are dealing with an author pure in heart A.

What is more, did you forget that I warned people in this third volume how the problem with the book of Revelation is the assumptions made about “angel” when any person is reading the Good Book?

No, you don’t remember a damn thing, America. Let me think. Exactly which nine ministries did I send this third volume to? (smile)

And if you do not realize TurtleDove and Sparrow are synonymous in allegory, get off my website blogs, ghoul, and burn your exalted life out as a star in your own arrogant, hateful way. (Psalm 74)

My Loves, dispel guilt trips by work. No matter how small of a job, accomplish it or work toward it today.

Put down the social media, gaming and other media temptations for 5 minutes today and work. Accomplish something. Make sure you are not paid money to do it. Learn the satisfaction of a job well done by YOU TODAY no matter what everyone is screaming.

Kick the negativity of others around you in the backside. You are gorgeous. Start there each day and don’t back down.

I am not dead anymore in allegory, as Rizpah must have been. Christianity liked it when I wrote according to King Saul. It was when I went to the New Testament that I lost them all except Apostles John and Paul, so to speak. I’m smiling. That is good. It is not evil.

Okay NOW. I guess the first article of import will be my USA prayer initiative and how I apologized to the Obamas.

Here I go again. I’m the only Pagan Christian in America apologizing AGAIN as a Catholic Protestant Armenian Predestination idiot who still goes into churches. Here’s a truth: stop asking me why and I’ll stop reminding you how dead you’re gonna be. (Blink Blink)

Consider me a rock. I’m crying out. I Am a Rock by Simon & Garfunkel. ūüėā This one really uplifted me. Music is heaven on earth isn’t it Loves? Some people don’t listen much and that’s fine too. Golden Silence is a thing. Wish we had more of it up in these things called politics and media.

So there are those Who understand Sounds of Silence by Disturbed featuring Myles Kennedy: Sounds of Silence , and while I share that with them I also walk along my way with Simon & Garfunkel Sounds of Silence.

One is me. I almost weep still. You have no idea about that silence, about that agony of certain one, and about my ministry to a solitary figure who in allegory always was alone.

Why? I know. You never will. I’m a guardian, you see? No America, you didn’t. That is not good nor is it none of my pure in heart business. You got that correct. I can be a double negative.

Table of Contents

Please Forgive US, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama

Uncovered No More 3 October 31, 2013

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