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Two Gathered & Agreed

We are about to read the book next to mine, destroyed (Revelation 11-13). I don’t think I’m laughed at anymore. I am going to be honest. There are 2/3 of Angels I thank eternally. And while I appreciate the Allegorical Gabriel, his group is now for me the fallen group figuratively. I would literally not have made it to this point without Angels IRL. Don’t like that? Fuck off you selfish bastard of a mortal.

I mean I go back and forth and have the scars IRL to prove that I have one of THOSE lives. Which ones are those, Cara? Well I wouldn’t be fucking with typing from one of my three published yet destroyed works if I wasn’t one of THOSE. I wouldn’t be on my umpteenth quad of website blogs if I wasn’t one of THOSE.

I tell you what. If you figure out who we of THOSE are, you give me a call. No I’m not going to give you my phone number. Just do it. Ha!

In the second movie of the eight movie set of Harry Potter, there is a really big serpent underneath the school for wizards. And there were a lot of legends surrounding this Dude/ette as well as strange, hard happenings. Harry ended up down there with the really big serpent and it was killing him while he was freeing one of his close friends’ sisters whom IT had mesmerized. He got the sissy out but then was succumbing to venom and the phoenix flew in, took out the serpent’s eyes, and then cried upon the wound inflicted by the serpent upon Harry, so he healed up.

Serpent was dead dead and everybody turned out OK.

Now let me level with ya, America. I know what it is to have demonic forces talk through people and mesmerize them. That’s how I got disinherited by my own mother. That is all I’m going to say about that sort of thing. Yes, it is true I’m an exorcist.

People have witnessed me get very calm when that shit was going down. On the other hand, they have seen me get real direct when that shit was going down. It is over. Mahesh Chavda of Chavda Ministries International came into town December of 2017, and on that first Friday I went up for prayer. For the second time in that dad gum church they wouldn’t pray for me and all Brother Mahesh said was The job is finished.

When did my job get finished? That’s what this piece of Uncovered No More: a four blood moon testimony (vol 3) is about. I’m not seeing as much of the work of the ministry called exorcism coming forth in Austin, TX.

I understand the 666 as a female from Revelation 13. So what that means is my life is being lived a certain way. That will never change. What is exorcised will not come back. What is changing is being alluded within the video from this evening after I colored a dove (1/12/2020) and so look at some pictures below along with a #TweetStorm from my day at churches today.

pp. 12-16 “I remember Dad’s stories about how things had changed so much between the time he left America and then shortly after he came back into this country when his years of service were over. This is noteworthy because his daughter now knows why things were so different in America to a degree.

I have experience testifying in real life alongside the book of Revelation for about six years now. But that doesn’t mean I come to conclusions in my writing. I simply have learned to testify and move on to the next season of what I need to do as a prophetess.

Revelation is a very mysterious book, and it is also allegory that spans eternity and time, both. That is not something any one person, or even group of people, can interpret wholly at any time on this earth without being with I AM face to face according to 1 Corinthians 13 and Revelation 21 and 22.

All statements of testimony and commentary that I write in this book assume this humble position. I don’t anymore call what I write prophetic opinion because of the nature of faith that I must maintain as I testify. However, when I pontificate in commentary, it is more like I am asking any reader to think through this thing with me so that you can have your faith, hope and love levels increase according to 1 Corinthians 13 as I have had happen to be writing this book.

You may not agree with me occasionally, and I don’t think that should be an issue in the larger scheme of things as it concerns the return of Jesus Christ to the earth. But of course that is my opinion, and it isn’t even prophetic. I’m just accustomed to Christians arguing more often than not about first one thing and then another, and if a body is talking about Revelation, well, watch out!…….

In a world where we can, generally speaking, get a conclusion in thirty or sixty minutes on the television, not coming to conclusions for any person is almost a sin somehow. But here at the front of this testimony, I am going to state quite clearly that I don’t come to conclusions. I will not pontificate upon “when” Jesus Christ is going to return “in the flesh life”…………”

Now let me state point blank: I know about the return testimony of Jesus Christ. America is obviously not interested in true reality or my publisher and all three books wouldn’t have been destroyed in the first month of the presidency of Donald J. Trump.

What is more, you can go to a place where I did see a Man Who saw Me three times, and I saw Him. Then He saw Me two other times different except in facial features that look nothing like the brown Jesus Picture on the Internet, and there is a little street leading to the parking lots of Circle C Park’s soccer fields and playground. That little street is named Donald Carpenter. 1966 is a bad-ass year, that is correct.

Jesus Christ is younger than angels. I am telling you about a certain state I am within as a human. It is none of your business. Angels are being entertained in Austin, Texas, and that is biblical and clearly happening now as it has in ages past.

Everyone needs to remember that many times when the crucifixion of Jesus Christ is spoken in the Bible, it is like it is happening, has happened, and will have happened. I have a question: Is Jesus Female Muslim still being crucified on crosses as this Jesus Female Pagan keeps testifying of the return of Jesus and the manifestation of the Sons of God and the adopting of remnant and the anointing of elect according to Revelation 7 and 14?

Places where I have testified sightings of angels or Jesus are either being reconstructed or moved. There will be no physical places of worship in the New Jerusalem all glory to God which Mahesh Chavda named in December of 2015 as Austin, TX, if I am not mistaken. We are the living, breathing people of the New Jerusalem and it is nobody’s business else-wise. Move along world. I’m done with you.

If I am mistaken, I don’t care. It costs you nothing to believe or not believe my commentary and testimony. Have it your way. I’m busy as a human and helper to angels. Move on.


Tara Allegory sourced Phoenix so also female Great Spirit rendition IMHO; Mother Theresa resides here.


Switchfoot – feat. Lecrae – Looking For America [Official Audio]

Uncovered No More 3; October 31, 2013

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