I Consider it Verbal Abuse…..

I consider it verbal abuse when Protestants particularly, or young people, keep using habits from the hard of my last 11 years around me. This is spite. You will not be allowed to define anything about my last 11 years using spite. It is against one Angelic Presence that you are doing that and you are hurting me.

I already have asserted many times over, and in artwork once or twice that I have been persecuted for, that you will answer to those types. They will catch up to you. I am the #InnocentBystander1 in #America here in Austin, TX and I stay out of angelic way in this zone. You should have thought about my free will those 11 years, oh Protestant World, when you chose some of what was done privately to me.

There is no escaping it now and I will list your silent persecution of me if you persist.

I love you. You love me. But we must all live happier than what you intended for me right now. So be it. Your true heart in this matter is going to get slung onto this website but I have already asserted the truth: if you are too close to me I will cloak the admittance.

Okay. Happy New Year 2020 America.


I placed 2019 on this artwork, but it was produced at a Starbucks in 2020 as I shared coffee with my middle namesake. We have both suffered. I’m not going to stand for anymore of that, Protestant Community Plus Players, whomever you are.

Fuck off. I obviously made a divine appointment mistake. I’ve been praying for you bastards the last year, and what is more, I do that prayer work 24/7 so when you persecute me you are simply making your selfishness very apparent. You do not care one whit about suffering children and adults worldwide. You will die in your sin that way, idiot. #ThinkAboutIt and think about the true messages in the New Testament for once in your preoccupied lives of selfishness.

Literally, I don’t care how close to me you are. If you voted for Donald Trump or are justifying him around me, you are trolling me still. Or as the case may be in the terminology of young people, you enjoy roasting me.

No. I won’t accept that. Fuck off. Keep your distance or control your behavior better than that. Do the right thing by me and my youngest seven children who were born from my body in Austin, Texas.

Why the Squirrel as the feature image? That’s a good question I have no intention of answering. More to the point, I don’t deal with WHY. So fuck off, again, with the question of WHY around me. I’ll simply look at you. That is good. You are being an idiot when you try to pull spiritualist information out of me. You go get your spiritual life your own way and agree with me. That’s all you need to do. Just agree with me like I did for a Dude right here: Two Gathered & Agreed Part One.

SEE, I read the New Testament. And I use everything in my power to pray for people who are suffering. And I am a progressive and Universalist. Let me repeat that: I am a progressive and universalist.

Hate me, love me, persecute me, or accept my reality alongside your own reality if you are privileged with being around me. Those are your options. Here let me list them:

A. Hate Cara Coffey; persecute Cara Coffey.

B. Love Cara Beaty; Accept the reality of Cara Beaty.

Any questions?


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