Two Gathered & Agreed

#InterActiveSongList #NOW

Give me about one 12 hour time-frame. I will have finished 2-3 articles from 4 different blogs.

And I Am not the only One agreeing with Mr. Lucifer. This is a real account as are all of mine. Therefore, #America today is going to get one #Witness, One #TheVoice, and another one of my many, many Prayer and Proclamation Initiatives. That’s of Good, not Evil. Guess what? further down I added more Twitter accounts with the same type #TheVoice. None of us think tRump should have gotten there to begin with.

Okay. See ya in a few hours, #America. #Phoenix #Allegory #Tara #Story #Fiction

Hear the Bern Episode 34 | Turkey Talk with Bernie and Peter Daou

Peter & Leela Daou are equally on Twitter. They have been featured on two of my website blogs. I had to delete all that work. I forgave it. Don’t think I ever forget.

Bernie is careful in the video above. I supported Mr. Sanders at Uncovered No More before the primaries of the last election. Just like clock-work my Christian Publisher and all three of my books were destroyed in January of 2017, the first month of tRump’s escapade. (Revelation 13)


Please understand this poem I spoke this early morning has an essence of mountains literally within it. It is 4:01 PMCE when I uploaded the spontaneous poem written by my voice as I colored a Phoenix but I never remember work like this; what I wrote or said.

My focus is such in the moment I consider it a waste of time to keep up with what is considered fodder to #America but not to Me.

Mountain-moving is a speciality of mine in #Allegory. That is Good, it is not Evil. Black and White; White and Brown. Supremacy you go on; GET OUT OF AUSTIN TOWN.

Preet Bharara to Georgia congressman: You’ve hit a shocking new low

The Police – Be My Girl / Sally (live 1979)

8:55 AMCE I kid anyone NOT šŸ˜‚ #InterActiveSongList because “Sally” is an inflatable plastic bitch according to the poem.

Blah blah blah.  

I’m just going to put this here because Frank Schaeffer belongs with us. That is an UNDERSTATEMENT. (Sigh)



Two last photos.

I almost destroyed this whole, small coloring book. I keep it with me now; used to perhaps others saw it without my permission. I’m trying to forgive that issue.

Anyway, I was reminded of this little book (Rev 9) today. I pulled it out of its place and opened the front cover. On April 6, 2018, I’d added a note. And… #666. Yes well, it stays very close by Me now. No more destruction of Us amen.

If you’ve seen past blog work, you’ve seen my journey coloring this book. If not…I began this coloring book March of 2017.

You are very rude, Xtianity. Showing up imitating me after you messed up is not exactly evil. But it’s trickiness called yellow-bellied arrogance. Just walk up to me and apologize. It’s better for you.

Your idiotic and obvious masquerades are hilarious to Me. I’m turning the laughter you direct toward certain men upon you and pity you–you are not dead in the street like David Wilkerson, Robert Hilton Beaty, and Patrick Clayton Beaty twice. (Rev 11).

Everyone forgot. Robert Paul Beaty died April 19, 2010. Mary Virginia Klonek died Good Friday, April 19, 2019. I’m just going to leave this here since I’m living it IRL while you die IRL. You tormented my mother and children. You pay, not Me.

Hebrews 11 KJV

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