Learning Media Balance as an Author

This issue of many of our lives is going to take free Will choices to turn around. As I admitted in the video, I was raised Republican Protestant.

My father did not have a racist bone in his body. However, he was quite “Christian Sexist” but did not realize it. Like many older people, you are in your core the environment you were brought up within plus lived within as an adult.

We cannot be this way anymore, educated and well placed humanity. We must evolve intentionally unless we LIKE having blood on our hands. There is no way to overcome evil with good when the people are being dumb and they don’t have to be.

That’s not dumb. It’s criminally negligent in my honest opinion when we CAN do small things each day to improve our functionality in the Great Scheme of Goodness. This is not the kind of criminality that lands a body justly in jail of which I write.

I’m speaking of the responsibility we have to continue to fight for peace abroad and at home regardless of the differences of opinions and ways that we can solve major issues. We can solve them. It is whether or not we are going to push ourselves as individuals to evolve to a more unified approach whole-heartedly that is in question here.

I have three websites I am going to literally push myself to read from on a weekly basis. I have several books I am also reading, with free hand art. I am going to be writing political and other opinions upon what I read. I envision them to be short pieces. That is good. As an author, I need to be brief.

Smirking Chimp; 

The Daily Beast;

The Daily Wire

Why did I choose these three? @itsjefftiedrich is a big name on Smirking Chimp and he is bona-fide a great writer politically. I follow him on Twitter and love his approach so I’m looking forward to his and other authors’ perspectives over there.

The Daily Beast has two people from my crafted Twitter feeds in their author lineup whom I’m appreciating.

The Daily Wire is funny. I’m not going to share that. Let’s just say I’m going to have a running conversation with @benshapiro on blogs, probably. He’s right down my Republican-Christian alley and he needs a cat to yowl in his ears until they ring enough to stop that brain of his from tripping over his uber-religious forefathers’ big, white-ass, (probably) stinky feet. I’m going to have some fun. I used to take grace-based idiots more seriously than uber-right, squeaky-clean and correct types. Weeellll that boat sailed. I like to play with both, writing-wise. For every right point, there’s a left one. For every correct angle, there’s another one just as correct.

It’s like what I told a person who loves me and I love him/her in my life yesterday: I think we are going to have to learn to determine in our minds, as the person opining on any given political issue, exactly what exponential percentage of a layer this opinion is coming from….because our world is mathematically and otherwise (spiritually too, ya’ll)….JUST THAT COMPLICATED.

I bet Ben is ticklish, yes I do.

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