I Am an Author


I think of the locusts. They are born, they develop, then they leave. And their purpose is fulfilled that way but they are not human. Humans have what the rest of Creation does not have, and the rest of Creation including the Earth to a degree the human cannot control is in terror of this that we as people have: free will.

The Earth cries out. Wealthy people do not care about that if they are of the current situation of their kind, who do not acknowledge the larger issues. They are not the only ones in power to be sure; however, they have power and I don’t.

But I am determined to use my free will to make the most use of my time each day and to leave this shell behind having communicated deeply the respect of myself, GOD (WHO IS BOTH MALE AND FEMALE), and my neighbor who is not someone I need to respect socially, politically, or even up close IRL at more of a distance than I realized before 2020 would have to happen.

(This paragraph above does not make sense. Now you see the author, Cara Coffey, in raw pain trying to write in kindness when kindness is not due to other adults. They call themselves Christians. What I meant to say was that I’m having to distance myself from people who are set in their ways–yet I still have a relationship with them and I appreciate a lot about their lives meaningfully intertwined with mine beside the hard point I’m truthfully making today.

I’m having to close the door of hope upon their seeing somehow, the last eleven years, what they were doing to me. They chose to live blinded by their own arrogance and I must dwell with them in peace as a seer. We see. Does anyone honestly think a spiritualist like myself doesn’t understand your issues and where you were lying to me before this point? We have a president in the White House like this–he lies and is a liar. The truth will never be in him; however, I’m not talking about such a whole-hearted situation like the President in this article and that is what is excruciating to me as an author. He WAS elected by some Americans who are easily swayed by whatever they are swayed by. They are blind. They could have voted differently or none at all like me, and I think many of them are having a change of heart. I still have to distance these types in that case, but only to the degree that they keep being dishonest with themselves in Austin, Texas, or other places being people I’ve dealt with before IRL.)

Silent Majority by Nickelback

There are many of us as families who are having minor civil wars because this person or that one are not as progressive, or are less progressive, as that brother, parent, grandparent, or sister–even in blended families and coffee shop “family” groups. If you meet with them regularly, you are a family. Don’t hate me for the truth. When you spend time with people, and if you are getting along, everyone has to work at that. DUH.

I am an author. I have people up close who do not care about nurturing that side of my complicated life, and they do not think my other life away from the regular life I live is important. They have attempted to define my author life which did not begin with my choosing oh my goodness–GOD did the choosing here at Uncovered No More. They–the humans–are dead wrong. Now you know. Will they die in that belief system about me? Frankly, my dears, I don’t give a damn. Moved on. You’re not welcome.

It is murderous to do this to a person. I want people to think about what you are doing to other people. I will not be a whole person if I do not remain an author. It is my choice. I’ve been making it and continue to do so. America, enjoy your reality here.



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